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How far from the truck?


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Jul 10, 2001
Northern Colorado
How far do you go from your truck before you set up to call. And just for Danny.....does the distance change from day calling vs night calling?
Doug, the only time Danny gets out of the truck nowadays, is to take a leak. Get him to tell you about his huntin' rig from the "old" days. Some of his buddies from the CVCA told me some tales on him.
Who me NASA? lol, you telling me them guys are still talking about me, dang.
Doug, I guess it depends where and how you hunt. Personally I don't like walking to far from my truck day or night, if that's the kind of hunting I'm doing. Walking takes time, the more time you spend walking the less stands you can make.
The more stands you make the better your odds of calling more animals. Some folks would disagree with that but I bet I've killed more in a day or night then they have lol.

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Perhaps, Danny Boy hunts those haunts crawling with critters and big, tall bushes. This Danny Boy knows for a fact that coyotes in this Danny Boy's neck of the woods are HORRIFIED of trucks. You've got to hide them big time or walk well out of truck view. This is the way to increase your odds o'er yonder.

But regardless of my opinion, I'm sure that Danny Boy has killed about 15 billion more than me. I havn't even killed a million yet.
Again, I have to agree with Danny 100% Since we both suffer horribly from "old age syndrome", it only makes sense not to get to far from the truck.

However, I really agree with Loco about hiding the truck. That is my number one concern when going to a stand. I will drive 30 minutes longer, just to get to a stand where I can hide the truck. I know there are others who claim you can call a coyote and be standing beside the truck. And, yes I have done that, and that is true too. But, when there are so many hunters out there, hammering these coyotes, I have to believe when these coyotes come to the call, and run by the truck, and then all hell breaks loose, and they survive, well, the next time they see the truck, they know better. A coyote is not stupid. I think my chances of calling more coyotes are better when the truck is hid than not.

Of course Danny has to be able to see the truck from his stand, because his memory is not what it used to be, and he can't remember where he left the truck if he can't see it.

Take care.
They sure are, Danny. They mentioned something about a "well equipped" camper shell with a big cooler, drawers of ammo, and a padded roof hatch roomy enough for 2 gunners. I didn't believe the part about a 5 mile broadcast range because of the big PA speakers, though.
You guys didn't see that part were I said ( IF that's the kind of hunting I'm doing ). You see, I have an old man style of hunting and don't even have to get out of my truck. Ask NASA, I think he has tried my style lol.
Locohead, you seem somewhat upset with what I said, sorry, I was only stating my thoughts. That's the way I hunt and it has proven very successful for me for many years. By the way, I have not killed millions of coyotes, I have killed trillions lol. You must remember, I can hunt at night and alot of my hunting is done at that time. I also hunt the day shift and don't have a big problem spooking coyotes with my truck before they die lol. I can only speak for where I hunt, mainly California, Arizona, Nevada and Mexico. I don't know about Colorado except I have seen coyotes standing off hwy 25 watching the cars go by and I didn't have my rifle, Damn lol.
Locohead, I will say this much. When my wife and I were in Idaho we saw a few coyotes walking around or mousing, most were far away and watched every move we made, as soon as we stopped, they were heading for the next county. That tells me they get shot at and missed alot.
Bruce, you need to try this old man method of making stands, it really works. You can even sleep on the stand, have a cup of coffee, even smoke a cig, something I stoped doing a year ago thank God.
Here in Ok. with all the Oil and Gas wells, coyotes are shot at from the truck alot. I seen one the other day. It had been raining and quit. Being hot the past several days, the rain felt good. The coyote was just standing out in the middle of 40 acres. I started to slow down to just get a better look, off he goes.

We hide the truck.


I'll try and get the pics of Grandaddy's rig up for ya.
later pup
Oh you bet, Danny. Back in the "old days" we tried just about everything. There weren't as many restrictions back then and not as many wardens, either. Farmers and ranchers were glad to have you. There was a lot more open space within a short drive, too. Hell, I used to hunt rabbits where TRW stands now, and Cajon Pass was the hot spot for quail. We used to camp out at Lytle creek on deer hunts. So dumping coyotes with 12 ga's at 50 mph on a high desert 2-track wasn't anything out of the ordinary. 40 years ago! But, that was then. My hunting techniques have adjusted to the changing times. I'm a much more "refined" hunter now, LOL.
In California you can call from your truck but not everywhere. I didn't say anything about shooting from it did I? You can also use a light in every county in California except two, San Benito and Monterey.
Most countys a hand held light 9 volts or less can be used, in other countys any size light can be used and from your truck as long as your truck is off the road with the motor off.
Pup, I'd like to see a pic of your grandpas truck. NASA, I use to hunt around Lake Mathews and before they put in Pyramid Lake and Castaic lake, I use to hunt bobcats and gray fox there lol. I've had to change with the times too, I don't like it but what can you do.
The ability to make more stands, just means you can make more stands; not necessarily more stands producing coyotes
A tucked away truck will surely work to your benefit. We've all heard stories of coyotes called while in the truck with the hunting companion, sipping coffee and puffing away on cigs, with the truck audio system playing dying rabbit blues howling thru external speakers. Just because it has been done, doesnt mean that is the way to do it, and do it successfully. A cautious approach in a quiet vehicle,and hiding that vehicle prior to quietly going to your stand, will produce more coyotes than a road rally approach will.
I'm with Danny, walking a long way from the truck is generally a waste of time. I go out to call coyotes to me, no reason I need to walk half way to them first.

About the only reason I ever walk far from the truck is if I am with someone who expects me to.

Most of the stands I make by myself, I can stand up after a stand and see the truck. But am I afraid the coyote can see it too? Not at all. My eyes are six feet above the ground, bend over and look at your stand from a coyote's perspective. That truck sitting fifty yards back disappears.
OK, let us put a different twist on this subject. How come you can stand in the back of your truck at night, and call coyotes, fox, and bobcat, right up to the truck?
Bruce consider this; a guy can cautiously approach a large swirling pool, delicately cast a nymph, hoping to hook that monster brown you just know is laying there behind that large boulder in the pool.Or; you can stumble over to the pool, light a stick of dynamite, toss it in, wait for the boil of the explosion, and go gather every fish that was in the pool
Why cast when you can night hunting.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Bruce A. Kennedy:
How come you can stand in the back of your truck at night, and call coyotes, fox, and bobcat, right up to the truck? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Danny Batastini:
Because they let us lol.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Oh, by the way, does anyone know why a coyote licks his Juevos????

Because he can Har dee Har Har Har LOL LOL

Opps sorry, drugs taking effect again.....zzzzzzzzzzz

Danny, HUH????? Upset?? not even an "itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, little polka-dot-bit!"

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