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How about some Black Bear Pics


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Sep 29, 2003
Corbin, KY
These are from the Smokey Mountains

Nice pictures Skipper, but for the love of God, give me a story. Hell, maybe he ate you from the looks of it.

Also, welcome aboard.
Great looking pics! What digital are you using? Oh...and welcome to HT!
Welcome Skipp, Glad you found it ok... I think I have seen thoes bear on your board. lol But you have to share them with us here too. Hope you like the board.
That bear was in Cades Cove, and fortunately, he didn't eat me. When I first saw him, he was up in the cherry tree. I was kinda surprised at how something that big could jump around from limb to limb. Anyhow, we were taking pictures of him along with a couple dozen other people. He ate his fill of cherries, and I guess needed a drink, so he eased down the tree. There was a whole bunch of people in front of me. Suddenly I felt sort of lonly at the front of the pack of people. That one with him looking at me was taken at about 20 feet. That was the last one before my cautious retreat. At least I was pretty close to the truck.

Skipper, Welcome aboard again (I welcomed ya in the Fireside too.. jsut a little late )

I love bears !! Take a look at this Springs posts (Change your view posts # to the LAST YEAR and you can see a bunch of bears we took pics of this spring.. HAng around and We'll swap pics next spring !! It's onlt 8 months away and I'll be back Chasin' them again !!!

AWSOME upclose pictures !!!! I liek the Teeth one