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Hound hunting - only for the exreme athlete

Silent But Deadly

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Jul 25, 2001
Great Falls, MT
Most people don't realize this, but hound hunting lions is by far the most physically challenging of all hunting by far. The typical houndsman represents a combination of high endurance, mental and physical toughness and balls of steel. Here are a few photos that I dug up of some cat hunters. These people are nothing short of HARD CORE.







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I do know the guy on the top right.. and he is pretty hard core and I'm sure about as good as a houndsman as you can get.

But those pictures just decided it for me. Cat hunting with hounds is obviously just way way too much for me. I never bite off more than I can chew and that is far too intimidating of a sport for me. And you too WW.. You best just stick with the couch, your beer hat, and some fat chicks.
yea Greeny and W.W. ive seen a little video of you two guys shed hunting/bear hunting/dowhhill skiing/draggin a sled and that pu$$y country you guys were in is like walking on the beach! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: im not sure if you two wu$$ies could handle it!!!! and that flat-a$$ place where w.w. shot his goat,hell anybody could get there :rolleyes: weenies all of ya !!!
Your're right about that!! You gotta be half crazy! Here is a pic of a 100 pound tom that I was in the tree with! Let me tell you that to say he was not happy is an understatement!! :eek:

Here is 180 pound tom.

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Thats what I figured anyway.I cant imagine any sport thats as hard physically and mentally,day in and out,as hound hunting bear.
I left my house 230am Thursday.Got to my buddys in Vermont at 530am.Got strike at 7am. Dogs burned it for hours.Dogs started falling out one by one after four hrs of hard running.Drive back and forth pick up a dog here and one there for a few hrs.In between drive around a couple mtns to see what the pack is doing.Dogs get into big piece of woods with nothing much for roads.Head in to the woods at 130pm.Follow dogs by tracking equip.Carry all that crap for a few miles just to get in hearing of dogs.Last 3 dogs quit at 5.Picked them up with the tracker.They had the bear caught most of the sfternoon I think.Course i am educating guessing here because we couldnt get close enough to hear them.Picked up last dog at 730 and started the 3 hr drive home.Got in bed at midnight and at work the next morning.
Biggest differences between hound hunting and all other types of hunting is going home when you want to and hunting where you want to hunt.With hounds,you go where they go and come home when you get them.Sure you might hunt some hard areas still hunting but you can always turn back when you want or go around the tough stuff.With hounds its a straight shot to where they are and no leaving until you pick them up.You cant take your hounds bear hunting and tell the wife"I will be home in 3 hrs" !!!It really stinks some times.I think it is safe to say that all houndsmen have questioned whether it is worth it or not.To me,the reward of things going right is such a high that it overshadows the bad times.
Hey George,

I reckon the point Ol' WW was trying to make was that since the old (top left), the young (pictures #2 and #5), women (picture #4), and even the hideously ugly (top right) have killed lions over dogs that it must be very easy and not worthy of any true sportsman's time. You and I know better but I don't really care what WW's opinion is and I figured I'd just let that bait settle on down for the bottom-feeders to take care of! ;)
Buckshot and George P,
Glad to see your still lingering in the If you will notice...nobody that has followed hounds has made bad comments :D :D
Clint.. I believe the post was meant to ruffle feathers of cheetoman and pussyman... probably due to thier comments on how unsportsman like it is to take fawns/does, even from a management perspective.

I believe that they were preaching ethics and sportsmanship, while ridiculing a young boy on the size of his 1st bear. I've noticed on these web-sites how funny it is that some folks can dish out the shit, but they just can't take it when it's given back to them.

In case you weren't following itm, there were a few posts with some shitstirring going on.. the first one was deleted and started by cheetoman, then Small Bear Critism in the Bear section.

Then it continues in Thoughts on Deleted Post in the Sportsman's Issues got real funny in there. Somebody started a "Killing Bambi" thread there also, which should have been informative for Cheeto and Pussy.

Then WW started this one, while I started the "How small will you go" one..

All in fun. No harm meant. Just some good natured dry humor, ribbing, and harassment.
Hey Kurt,

I didn't see all the stuff but I saw enough of it to know what WW's motivation was for this post. The post didn't bother me, especially coming from you two guys because I know how you are.......but on the other hand I figured I had to at least say something since I was personally nominated as the poster-child for slob hound hunters! ;) But no real offense was taken.