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Hornady SST


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Feb 16, 2003
Quesnel B.C., Canada
Anyone tried this new hornady SST? I am thinking about using it in the 150 grn for my .270, any thoughts on this bullet?? It looks good as far as trajectory, and long range accuracy, but I'm wondering how well it will penetrate on larger game like moose.
I've shot the SST 150 grn in 30-06. Accuracy is outstanding. I've never got a big game animal with it though. so couldn't say how it performs on critters.

However, I've been a long time Hornady fan. I've never had one break up. That being said, I believe the SST is likely to open quicker than the standard spitzer because of the poly tip. But at 270 win velocities I'd feel comfortable using it on Moose.

Hornady just introduced the bonded SST. Its 2x the price but I wouldn't hesitate for a second to use it on moose or elk.
The SST is a great bullet for deer sized game, but I think it expands to fast for moose sized game in a .270. I'd try the new bonded core poly tiped bullet from Hornady or Nosler if you want a poly tiped boat tail for bullwinkels.
I bought some 7mm 139 grain SSTs for my 7mm08 and I couldn't get them to shoot at all. I finally gave up on them. I will still try them in my 7mag to see how they do. They are a very sleek bullet that have the interlock ring in them. They should penetrate about the same as the regular Hornady interlocked bullets.

Good Luck! FH