History Found In the Field

When I was a kid, my dad would take us on hikes on the old trails up to lookout towers. Some of the trails on the ground were long gone because they built roads to the towers, so the trails were no longer used. We could follow the trail because when they built the trails back in the 1930s, they marked them with blazes on the trees and nailed up porcelain covered metal signs every so often. The signs were white with black lettering that said TRAIL. I wish I would have snagged one of those signs back then, they were pretty cool looking. As late as the 1980s or maybe early 90s I knew where some of those signs were, but I think they are all gone now along with most of the lookout towers and pretty much all the blazed trees.
These old signs are getting pretty scarce around here but we used to see lots of them when I was a kid. Most of them are so faded that you can't read them today. I took this photo this fall while hunting grouse.
I have seen some of those routes drawn and labeled on vintage maps, both here on Olympic Peninsula in WA where I am presently living and in the same township as property I own in MT. I never realized that they were officially designated trails marked by the Forest Service. You've provided some additional (and much needed lately) motivation for me to get my old butt outdoors again!
On a turkey hunt this spring we were floating very small river in a very remote area of the Northern Great Plains. While scouring a sandbar for petrified wood I found a small button. Pretty rusted and no visible markings. This was dozens of miles from the nearest road, and about 30 miles form the nearest small town. Pretty cool little find.
I'll post a picture of it if I remember.

Pics added. Hot wheels for reference, thanks to my son.
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