Hey Moosie email me!

Somethings goofy at my end ?!?!?! I got 1 Email in the last 5 days :confused: Usually I get 60 a day with Spam and regular mail... I'm doing some looking into it ......

MY day is Sucking @#)(# already :mad: :mad: :mad: :(

Please send them to [email protected] , He sits right next to me .. THANX bro !!!
Oscar if your email server is on the hunttalk server. it has been down pretty much every night since you been gone, just for a few mins here and there... but worked monday tuesday nights ....
moosie, did you get my e-mail with the "goofy pic" ?? if not let me know and i will resend it.
Sorry to hear your day sucketh so far, but on a good note the photos are already enroute. Please let me know if he's getting them? Hope your day gets better. Don't know about you but it might be a while before I find a day more fun than our ONE DAY hunt.
I got SHIT for Emails meaning "0" .. ANd the tech support no knowing ?!?!?

One department says I didn't pay, ONE says I'm WELL over credited.... DELW, I'll call you today, I wasn't gonig to change till next week but today is the dat, I's so Fuggin mad I could KICK a .....


Anyways,,, I'll call you after a few meetings this morning !!!! We'll figure this out !!
Well chit, no make that double chit! I got undeliverable from you buddy's email account as well. Maybe everything is farged up on that end?
Email me now....

I'm GOLDEN ...

Threaten to kick someones ass and they respond ;) Email me... THANx 'Sky !!!!!

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