HEY DS.....


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
I'm getting fired up for Idaho bear hunting... Was wondering what you're doing for it ?!?!

I'm building a shop in the spring around bear season and thought if you wanted to help me out while the season is on that would be cool :D :D

I wouldn't be "SWAPPING" you anything per-say because Acording to Outfitters association, that would be wrong, BUT I'll have an AWSOME BAIT site running, And you can sure sit on it in the Evening, And since it's boring during the day.......

Just a thought !!!!
I'll tell you what......you can ink it in.
Just give me a date or dates and I put it on my schedule. I was going to La for another turkey hunt.....but you and I have seemed to have trouble getting together to do much hunting......so you can count on it.....100%.
Thanks for the offer.
HAHA !!! COOL !! I think this spring will be good hunting... We've found some killer bear spots I think. We'll get some stands up and SOME video taping in !!!!!

SEASON runs from April 15th til JUNE 15th... I'd say LAtter part of MAy is the best time.. We'll establish all the bait stands up and we shopuld still have KY left from this years Montana hunt ;)

HELL, IF ol BUZZ is handy with a HAMMER , Bring his Lanky ass over
"HELL, IF ol BUZZ is handy with a HAMMER , Bring his Lanky ass over "

......you obviously haven't ever seen a pic of Buzz!.......his lanky ass?hahahahaha

...of course, if I keep taking him on the kinda hikes we did yesterday he will be lanky soon enough! :eek:
HAHA.. WELL Pointer said something about wanting to come down... says he knows his way around construction workers too.. I sure don't know WTF that means though... :eek: :eek: .. ;)
All I can say is......if I drag all my shit down there to build you a friggin shop......you better have some bears rolling in, and I better have first dibs on 'em when they roll in ;) .....
DS, I have a secret spot with a bear there...

ALSO, LIKE GREENY is pointing out in another topic on another board, I'm not trading anyhting for this hunt. I'll pay you for any time you spend on the shop. The hunt is FREE....

It's for a trade for the hunt in Colorado for 'Lopes. (Just to make thing's Crystal clear ;))
It ain't for a trade in Co for lopes!...neither one of us could draw tags!......and the lope hunt will be an hour from my house but in Wyoming....and the lope hunt is a freebie.....the only thing I trade for is sex! :eek: ...and you ain't my type :cool:
NOT yer type ?!?!? I even shaved my pits.... ;)

Fair enough, LOOKING foward to sharing yet another exciting hunt with ya... THIS time I'll get your kill on tape, I'm getting better
HAHA !!!
Yes you are getting better......I wished I had you in Alaska filming my Dall hunt.

I want to take the bear with my .45 colt......either that or a bow.
'Tis true!

...I'll probably have to take a divorce in the process, we'll see ;)

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