Here's a new one

Thats some good shootin DAA!!! Cleaned and skinned him with 1 shot! :D Looks just like the groundhogs my wife shot. :D :D I got those on tape for her...
Keep up the good shooting.............

Good eye LipRipper! That is exactly what happened. Was using my 788 .22-250.

That was a real good day for busting jacks. We ended up with about 50 of them on film. That hunt is my favorite one on the whole tape. Dozens of jacks getting centerfired on fresh snow.

Absolutely GREAT!!!! :D :D Is it me or did you shoot that fugger 2 times?!?!? Looks like the right rear leg comes unglued before the thing explodes!!! :eek: :eek: If thats the case...thats some quick shots with high accuracy on a running animal....again..KEEP EM COMING!!!!!