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Help! I can't get my lab to stop digging!

Labs cause issues when not exercised. I know it's not easy to do all the time. It's an owner issue, and I am guilty too. Run them and chewing, digging, barking issues disappear.
Got a laugh today watching the older dog and the puppy working on a hole in the yard. Puppy was digging while the older dog supervised. I rapped on the kitchen window and they both jumped and looked around and then the older dog nudged the puppy out of the way and sat down over the hole so I couldn't see it. He stayed there til I left the window, studiously staring in the opposite direction and refusing to look at me.
Dog mace from Amazon seems to help. Fill the hole and sprinkle it around the deck. She goes and finds another place to dig, but it’s not in the landscaping that I have to fix!
Put her in a small kennel with a concrete floor when she's unsupervised if you want to leaver her outside. Otherwise crate her inside when you leave.
I had luck in the past filling every hole with cayenne pepper so the dog would sneeze anytime they tried to continue.

Eventually they figured it out that digging isn't desired
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