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Dec 10, 2000
Pocatello, ID, USA
I got drawn for my first choice, Bull elk tag in unit 66a in Idaho, I am totally stoked, I can't wait, i got to go get some information, so i'll stop in from time to time

Way to go on your tag MM...
Hope you get what you dream for...
NO elk on that side of the State, Give back the Tag and Go snipe hunting

That 66a tag is good for 76 too right ? There are more 6 point bulls in there then trees :D
Congratulations! I put in for that unit for the early rut hunt.

Did you get the early rut hunt or the late october hunt? I have hunted that unit a lot (Jackknife and Tincup drainages). Let me know if you have questions.

There are some big old stinking bulls in that unit. I've seen more mature bulls there than anywhere else in Idaho.

That area has awesome genetics. If you are willing to put in some time, are willing to pass on average 5's and 6's you will tag a big bull.

Also, if you drew the later hunt it should overlap with deer and bear seasons. Just be sure you are looking at a black bear and not a grizz. There are a few that drift through that little range.
Thanks T-Bone, right now i am going off of what, some friends of mine have hunted in there, and then a little bit of scouting and then i will probably talk to you to see where all the big guys are at
[edit] I drew the late october hunt by the way

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