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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Last year LB bought me a head lamp. I must say it is the best thing going. It gives me total hands free use and is always giving me light where I am looking. This is especially nice while saddling the horses at 3:30 in the morning and riding in. I only wish I had one a long time ago. It is very bright and I only had to change the batteries once the entire season.
You poor negelected man. I still have the one my Dad gave me plus two new ones. You orta see the old one. It straps to the head or cap and has a wire that goes down to a battery that straps to your belt. It isnt used any more but it is cool. I tell the kids how I used to go frog gigging with that thing. :D

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Frog gigging is what us southern people do when we get hungry for frog legs.
Bull frogs not toad frogs.
Really people don't gig frogs any more. They use other methods to get them. Like using fishing lures such as rubber worms or a 22 rifle.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: ;)
I have two top of the line headlamps I bought for fire fighting last year. You think I remembered to bring one along when I shot my elk just before dark. NOT!! I had to build a big fire and because I did'nt go totally prepaired like I usually do. I had to walk back in pitch black down the side of a log strewn mountain a mile w/a flashlight that had bad batteries. You turn it off stumble along for about five or so minutes. Then turn it on for a minute or so to get your berrings. By this time it starts to go dead. So you turn it off for another five or so minutes and so on and so on. That was the farthest mile I ever remember walking.... :eek: :D

I'm in the same boat. For years I relyed
on a small maglite, which wasn't bad. Now
I use a Petzal zoom model 4-5 times a week
in my morning hike before work. It makes
getting around in the woods a whole lot
I use a Tikka Petzl, LED lamp, it works perfectly, this last season I had only my coleman backpacking lantern in camp. a excursion lantern, man do they work great for their size, but about the second day I saddled my horse and stuck the lantern bail in my teeth thinking I was cutting a fat hog, I still have the burn scar on my throat where it swung into my neck...go with a head lamp. h2m

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