Headed for Muleys in Units 21 & 21A

Ten Bears

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May 20, 2004
North Idaho
Just got confirmation, I'm headed south for the rifle opener in Idaho. Looking for a good muley, but dragging a 10 year old with me (the two usually don't occupy the same hillside within sight of each other). :rolleyes:
even if you don't bag a buck-you're bagging a future hunter and that's the real trophy---good luck though--I'm hunting with a 4, 9, and 15 yr olds this weekend--the trees usually vacate the hills with this combo--not really, but it does get exciting....chris
I always have fun taking kids hunting. I've taken neighbor kids out when family kids can't go.

NUT, get your family out here, we'll stand'em on top of the mountains, and you can see the peaks in Canada across a sea of clouds.

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I usually know that the buck was a nice one by how far the antlers stuck out of each side of his rump as he made it over the ridge when I'm huntin with the kids. They always say, "did ya see that one?" :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Best of luck to you Ten Bear's.
I hope you get the big boy ,it does make it a bit tougher when hunting with kid's but the pay off in the end is worth more then any trophy on the wall.
You da Man!!!!!!
Well, the hunt was a success, but we didn't kill any deer.

We went into a motor vehicle restricted area, but found that archery hunters with ATV's had hunted the area pretty hard. We still hunted there opening day, but there hadn't been a deer in the area for a few days at least.

We next moved farther south and found deer. We found 14 does and fawns, a forky, a muley spike, and 3 bighorn rams on Saturday afternoon. Decided not to shoot either of the little bucks because we still had Sunday to hunt. :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Sunday we found 2 bighorn rams, 22 does and fawns, and one spike muley.

I let the kid run the hunt on the spike. The kid would tell me which way we would go to stalk the deer (he was with 11 does and fawns), and then tell me when to shoot (the kid wanted this spike, Moosie would've been proud) :D . Well as it turns out, we stalked and crossed with the deer a total of 3 times in 500 vertical feet of climb, but I could never get a clear shot with all the does and fawns standing around him. Oh well, we still have about 2 1/2 months to hunt deer up here now (starts Thursday).

For the anti-ATV crowd. We took the ATV with us:eek:, but never took it out of the truck. I was looking at the odometer the other day, and the thing is 13 years old and has 820 miles on it.
Rode right past the sign that said "No Motorized Vehicles on This Trail" (wish I'd spent more time scouting the area during archery season). We were hunting afoot (legally), and it's hard to teach kids the right approach when they see the wrong one at every turn. Our ATV never left the truck all weekend
Sounds like you had a fun time .
Its always nice to see game when you have the young ones in tow,it keeps them busy.
Sounds like a great time was had by all! Good luck the next (2 1/2 months! :eek: )!!


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