has anyone been on a GREAT phes hunt?

JB Florida

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Dec 9, 2000
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My dad is lusting after a great phesant hunt!
We have been on several but the best so far was with friends in iowa. They had a lot of roosters and some fine dogs too!

Anyway, can you recomend anyone?

thanks a million!
Hey JB Florida

Hunted Idaho a few years back around Nampa area, we saw lots of birds only problem was most of the cocks were on private land.
We talked with some of the locals there and they said when you get a few weeks into the season alot of them go to private ground...
If you can hook-up with the right people there you should have a blast.. Good luck
I'll also tell ya there is alot of birds in Nampa, Cuz I live there
But I don't like begging for land and too lazy in the off season to work for the rights so I don't hunt them much. there is alot of Ranches that Raise birds and they are good places to hunt. I have a friend that Drove to Oregon to hunt them. I might do that some day too.
Thanks guys!

I think he wants to do a guided hunt with dogs.....
It will probably end up being a ranch type thing to get into a LOT of birds. I just want to find a good spot for him!

Hey, It almost DOVE season here!
Got my first invite last night

Its too bad we cant shoot them at the beach, we have more than Ive ever seen anywhere else. Of course its a pretty narrow island so they kind of have to come by
Hey JB come on out to Washington I will guide you. I hunt public lands ( release sites) I have never gone home empty handed.

Oscar, You still coming for Goose. I just got permission for a new area that should be pretty goood.

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