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Mar 23, 2001
Since Moosie is coming to Alaska n September I thought I'd help to get him ready. So how big is this bull? I have other pics I'll post too.
I know nothing about hunting moosie...ah, I mean moose. But I'll shoot at him...ah, ah try and guess the spread that is.
I'm guessing 55.5",

I took the 10" rule of thumb on the outside of Eye socket and used that meathod. At the angle I could be wrong but I'm guesing it is not much less then 53"... But it's NOT a 58+ bull (Sorry Oak
... Am I going to regret typing that ?
). Now I'm new to this But I'm sticking to it !!

Don't post the Size yet, Post a few more pics if you have them first !!! THANX !!

Whats hard to tell with the color is the # of browtines but looks like there is Plenty
I'm guessing 4 on the Right and maybe 5 on the Left (Animals location not looking at it). But it might be less wit the blending of the back ones and The Velvet coming off...

One thing I know is I'd probably want to wait till the Big thing Got out of the Water... Looks like it is going to be fun to Skin it there

Bottom line, I say it's a shooter and Meets several of the Criteria, But I'd sure like to have seen it on the Hoof Swaying that Rack to judge
2.372 Inches???? Opps, you mean the Moose on the picture, I thought you meant Moosie!!!

Now if that was one of those Montana Boys, they would have sat on the bank, lowered the camera so it looks like they are right next to it....I am in trouble now!

Hey!!! Are you all making fun of my 2X2 Elk I shot a few years ago!!!

Ummm, 55 inches.
Dan.. "I could be wrong but I'm guesing it is not much less then 53"..." , I'm sticking to that comment !!!

Elk Turd... Shouldn't you be reading "HOW to shoot an Elk Bigger then a spike" ? Or "how to find Elk because All I shoot is my mouth off"...

Uhhhh You're not doing my Review this year I hope !!!!! If so, Disregard my last comment !!!! (CRAP, NO RAISE AGAIN THIS YEAR :rolleyes
Danr, just wondering how you came up with that ? Was it just a guess ? Or did you judge by some meathod ? Or have you seen that moose before

Seriously though, I'm trying to learn all the ways to judge them... Even though you're wrong
I want to know how you came up with that ?

ANYONE think it's 60"+ ? We're all guessing here, and just because we guess low doesn't mean we're right !!!!
I am still on the "If it has antlers, I'm shooting it" mode!!!

Moosie, I don't need to read the books, I just have to pay you enough to take me with you on the next elk hunt!!!
Since Moosie is the control freak here, i'm gonna be nice to him and post another pic before I tell you what that one is. We got him out of the water one piece at a time.
Here's #2
HAHA... Good for you, But I meant to say if you have more pictures of the First one I'd like to see them so I can verify my score... Go ahead and Post your Answer if you don't have any other pics of the first one.

On this one it's tough, I have my guess... I'm guessing low. I figure that bull is about 49"-51" at best.....the angle really screws it up... So it could be a 65+" bull.....
.... And that I'm estimating wrong. But I'll stick with my answer.

Anyone else ?
I estimated the first bull to be 60", and it turned out to be 59". The second one is 55". How about this one?

Somewhere I have photos of the first bulls antlers after they were removed from the animal. I''ll try to find them this weekend.
Moosie, one thing to look for on a live moose is the inside spread. If the inside spread is larger then the width of the bull's body, most likely he's a shooter. I've heard all kinds of ways to judge moose, some have been posted on the other thread about the three browtines. I honestly can't tell you how I judge them. I don't look for any one thing, but have been within an inch of most of the bulls I've seen killed.
Uh, Moosie, looks like you're regretting those words.
I missed the first by one inch and nailed the second. Guess you better take me along with you this fall as official estimater.

I think I'll pass on estimating any more. Don't want to blemish my record.
Alaskan, awesome animals!!


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