Grizz and Region G


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Dec 22, 2014
So are there grizzlies in Region G in WY? From what I've found out, it sounds like there are very few there. I've got the points to draw G this year but it will be a solo backpack hunt and I'd rather not go solo if there are lots of grizzlies there. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
This is the best site to check.

WG&F Grizzly management

They are expanding that way but in terms of density there are very few. Call the Pinedale game and fish if you want the official word. Adam Hymas is the warden in that area and one of the good ones. Zach is the bear biologist and good to go as well.
A lot of blacks but I've never seen a grizz in G and been hunting there 20 plus years. I'm sure there are a few around but not many. I've done solo hunts in G more times than I can count and never worried about it. Take your normal precautions that you would in any bear country and you should be fine. Some of the prettiest country there is imo.
I've seen one in G way south of that red border....and it's the only one I've ever seen. But yes, just forget about 'em and go hunt ;) .
i had the NFS pull into my base camp 2 years ago and warn me about them. told me "several" had been spotted and to be cautious. i go solo there nearly every year, but am very bear aware. i too think that red line may need a update further south!!!