great florida opening weekend


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Feb 27, 2002
typically opening weekend here is so hot the animals are moving at night and beddig in the thick swamps all day. this year seemed like it would be no different. yesterday it was 80 degrees at 4 am. my neighbors and i had stand all around a really thick feild and about 7am one of my neighbors shot 2 hogs about 600 yards from the road. it was about 90 and took a long time to get these things out. he told a guy we ran into that he had 2 hogs down and the guy was really pissed because we were hunting on "his road" (this is public land).the guy went to get the game warden who proceeded to tell us that the daily limit on hogs had changed on that property and we were allowed 1 hog per day.he gave him a ticket but was good enough to allow us to keep both hogs.we decided to call it a day after all that rukus and start fresh today.
this morning it was a real surprise. the outside temp was about 40,it was really windy and sitting in a treestand was a little shaky but we stuck with it. i took my son today and decided to leave my rifle at home and only carry my redhawk in case a pig got to close on the ground and just let him shoot.about 30 mins before shooting light a hog ran within 2 feet of our stand, he couldnt find it in his scope and it ran off never to be seen in the daylight.we did see the tracks and it wasnt a big hog but it was a decent one that would have made him proud. 730 another shot from the same stand, we figured it was another hog, the guy who killed the hogs came out and said he got an 8 point. it was a big bodied deer and took 3 guys rotating to get him through all the undergrowth. i didnt see anything on the hoof but we sure had a great opener.
90 and 40, both are pretty extreme for there I bet. Lots of criters down. What's the fine on the extra hog, did you find out yet? Any pictures?

Florida doesn't have the habitat for big deer, right?, a picture of the 8 pointer will be neat, what's he like?
Good story Tim. Sounds like you had a good day in the heat
and then in the cold.
the guy has to go to court to see what the fine will be. we dont have really big deer here for the most part but this one was a big deer.he was pretty close to half again my 4 point that i posted and that buck was 145. it had good mass but he wasnt to worried about digital pics so i probablly cant get a picture until the season is over when he developes all his film.

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