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Great Camping Trip


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Mar 23, 2001
My son and I got a chance to spend some time together during the moose season. We had almost two weeks, so we took some food, a lot of barley beverages, and decided to camp out on a gravel bar and see if a moose would come along. My son shot this bull right from our camp on the fifth day we were out there. The spread is 54", and some of the best moose meat I've ever had. We both still have smiles I think are permanent.
KUDOS BRO !!!! NICE rack !!

Good to see a couple of hunters shareing a hunt, Specially dad and son !!!!
Great Moose!
Sounds like fun was had by all.

So when ya shoot'em at the camp, how long till the meat hits the fire!
talk about fresh :D

and Hey, did you cook Surf & Turf?;)
That is AWESOME!

Thanks for the pics!
I guess when you shoot them from camp it makes the pack out easy, huh? :D

Nice bull, WTG!


What can a guy say? Congrats!

We need to talk about my Barney's Pack. Maybe you help me out.

Ovis aka Dalli
Thanks for all the congrats. It was really a trip of a lifetime. After we cut the bull up we had to pack the backstraps and tenderloins all the way to our fire.(about 100yds) By far the easiest pack I've ever had. :D We stayed out there until all the tenderloin was gone.

Ovis, get a hold of me any time. I'm home for the winter.
Nice Moose!

My brother has a couple of buddies that just came out with a couple of dandy was way legal, around 56 inches I think...the other one like to got them in trouble.....officials measured it outside the convienance store they were parading it at and it came up to 48 1/4......a little shy of the 50 inch requirement. But they let them slide saying they were giving a 2" cushion before writing tickets...seems they should just call it a 48" area if that be the case.......
I suppose when looking at a big moose for the first time....48" wouldn't look much different than 50". At least the game wardens had a little heart!!!
That's why it's advisable to make sure it it way over or go for the 4 brow tines rule to be safe......
I've heard of people getting busted for a sub-legal (under 50") moose, and I've heard the same thing that happened to your brother and his buddies. It must be what kind of mood the cop is in that day or something.

Yeah, seeing a moose for the first time it would be hard to tell if it was 48" or 50", so like DS said the 4 brow tine rule is a sure thing. Not to confuse things, but in the area I've been hunting for several years I've noticed that a bull with three brow tines will have the legal spread.
Here are the Moose I made mention of....

The first is the 48+ incher that narrowly escaped confiscation....

and then here is the other from that trip..I believe it was taped at or near 56 inches....
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