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GPS Questiions

Calif. Hunter

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Dec 13, 2000
Apple Valley, CA, USA
I've never used one, having been raised as a good Boy Scout, able to use a compass, knowing orienteering, etc. But I think it is time to get one, as it seems like it would make finding springs or other memorable spots a lot easier.

So what is a "good" one? I don't need a lot of bells and whistles - or do I? I'd like to be able to store a dozen or so spots, I guess, or do you just write down the coordinates and store them in hard copy form?
I have an older one and can store up to 500 spots. The one that Martin had is a lot smaller than mine and seemed to work a lot faster also. His could do a lot more than mine could. I have the Garmin 12XL and he had the Garmin Etrex. I think that once you get one or try one you will not regret getting one.
CH.. I have a Garmin 12 that I use to mark hot spots in areas I hunt. Since I know the areas fairly well I mainly use it to get to the spots in the dark(morning). BUt I know it would serve me well once I get west. I would store the waypoints and have a half a chance of not getting lost.

This is a 3 year old model and I like it. BUt there are plenty others out there and I would do the research on what ya like.
i have an etrex also.

All the prices should really drop this year as they are changing the format to be more like a palm pilot. (with a larger screen)
than the current models have now.

You should be able to find a few bargins shortly. I bought a video about my particular model and it made it pretty much IDIOT PROOF ......Well almost

If you get the vista model, ill let you borrow this video
Stick with garmin, they are the most user friendly of them all. Pass on all the fancy gadgets unless you want to blow money. The etrex and the new Geko are compact. I would recommend the extrex ledgend of any of the etrex's. If you are packing in and need small units the geko rules. If you use a 2way radio the rino is worth a look. Get one that can do what you want and nothing more.
There is a program called USAPHOTOMAPS that is free on the net and works awsome with the garmin. You can put your waypoints you entered in the field over topo or arial photos(also off the net free) and also flip side you can create waypoints off the maps and download them into the gps through a rs232 cable. I walked to water holes and springs this year elk hunting in a spot i never hunted before. I got within 20 feet of them from waypoints i made from topos and arials.
Check ebay for best prices.
I always figured GPS units were just an extra that a guy didn't need. This is until I tried one. I have a Garmin V and eTrex Legend that I use for work. They are invaluable and are very useful every time I go to the field.

For work, I use it for navigation, in combination with 1/100,000 maps and also for marking waypoints such as wildlife observations or potential trespass violations, etc...

Anyway, two thumbs-up with these two models with the Map Source background software. These units are too expensive for me to get for my personal use, but if the price comes down, count me in.
Okay, I got a Garmin eTrex from ebay. 85 bucks. NIB. It is about the size of a pack of cigarettes. It doesn't say anything else, as far as model goes, other than "Personal Navigator." It says it can save up to 500 locations with symbols. Automatic track log, so you can retrace your path. Store a route with up to 50 waypoints. None of this means anything to me yet.

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