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Gotta Tag for Wy.


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Mar 18, 2002
Well I'm excited about drawing a tag but my partner isn't to excited, being without a job right know.
So here I come Wy. get ready.
WTG and congrats Martin.
Will see you in the fall. That really sucks for Brian though.
I want my tag back! I called the game and fish dept. and they told me that some MEATHEADhad mine. Give it back!!!
Congrats MEATHEAD!!!!! I have to wait until July to see whether or not I drew. Did you apply for a bull tag or a cow tag??
I want to see pictures from all the elk you guys kill in Wyoming this year! Man I'm jelous of you guys.

Most off all have a great time. Maybe next year ???
My dad says I should be thankful I get to hunt Idaho. So I guess I will apply for that hunt in 2005.

Gee, if I draw that tag I'll be having a great year of hunting.... Bear in WA with Kraven, Deer and elk in ID in the backcountry, and elk in WY with you. That would be cool!!!
I know he is right, I just wish that if I would pay my way for an elk hunt in Wyoming also, he would let me put in for a hunt so I could hunt with you. He is just kinda weird about people on the internet, he thinks you are all out to steal my identity and molest me if I meet someone in person. Other than Russ, I don't think any of you would really be all that bad to meet, you all seem like normal people. LB and you seem real nice, I would like to meet both of ya, but it sucks being young and not having much of a say on what you can and can't do.
TK, your dad is more than welcome to do a hunt here also. I can understand his concerns also. He is just being a dad and looking out for you.
I know he is more than welcome, it's just expensive to hunt two states for elk. Yeah, my dad makes good money and has his own business but money goes quick in October when you aren't makin a dime, but you are spending money every day on things like food, drinks, gas etc.
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