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Got my first Wyoming elk tag. Unit 35. Now What?

Disregard the “intel” that the elk move off the mountain with pressure or heavy snow. There will be bulls on the national forest and public land that are huntable past New Year’s Day regardless of the above issues.

Pressure can be high at times but skip the first week and hunt mid week if you can.
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I would go archery. Rifle is a zoo. Heck, we live here and applied for archery only tags/season in our area of choice just for this very reason. Don't forget, a NR archery tag is an additional $72.00. Elk 35 is about 1.5 miles from my house.
I realize this thread is a couple years old but my wife and I both drew archery tags there this year. We just spent a couple days there getting a feel for the area. If you’d be willing to share any information I’d greatly appreciate it.
First do a little dance then e-scout like crazy. If you have never been to the unit then i suggest Google Earth at minimum. I am fortunate to work at a place that is awesome and my computer has 3 monitors so I put Google Earth on one screen OnX on one and GoHunt Maps on the other (On my lunch break :)) I pour through every inch of the unit marking water dark north slopes ect. I share the pins form each to my OnX and I have about a million places to check. I have not hunted in Wyoming yet but from what I've heard from friends even a so so unit is good. Hunt as hard as your ability let's you and have fun!

So are you looking for bedding areas when you look for dark north slopes?
Good luck I drew my first elk permit this year to in Montana. Sense the day I drew i have been putting together everything I need. I even bought a 300 prc for it. I’ve always wanted the caliber this was just the push I needed to get it.
Always good to use a hunt trip as a reason to buy new gear. Doing that right now too.

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