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Got a woody yesterday


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Went out for deer yesterday where we go for elk and guess what we saw. No deer and lots of elk. First thing in the morning we had bulls screaming in the hills. We bumped about 40 of them and there was a nice 6x and two nice 5x with them. There were lots of spikes and cows with them. The 6x was nice but the two 5x had a lot more mass. Below us we could hear more elk bugling. This was just above where I got my elk last year. We headed to the east and saw more elk moving about in the timber and another bull screaming for attention. Never could see how many or how big any of them were though. Hopefully they will still be there when MEATHEAD arrives. We are going to go back up next weekend and see how it looks.
I can't wait my first real bonified ELK hunt. My blood is pumping already.

Even getting a little nervous about the hunt. Not knowing what ot expect. It's a good thing I've got someone that's willing to take a rookie.

Thanks for the update Bill.
Bill, You've got to take him out in the dark woods at night and let some big ol' bull sneak up close and start to bugle... Just be sure he brings clean pants...

Good luck you two... Oh, and Meathead, be careful with that woody...

LOL Dan. Not to worry, we will be leaving camp by 4:30 in the morning for the long ride in. Never know what may sneak up behind him in the dark.

BTW, it won't be me sneaking up behind him in the dark. My horse leads the way in everyday.
After seeing all the elk on my deer hunt this week, I am a little jealous of you guys. Good luck and get a good one.

I am no Greenie. If I stick an elk solo, there had better be a horse close by or a road within a stones throw (and I have a pussy arm

By the way Bill, I almost tried to look you up last night. I came through Jackson about 9 pm, but thought it would be a bit rude to come knocking on your door looking for a shower with 5 days of stink on me

I did however get a meal at Mc's, and also had to grab another burger at DQ on the way out of town. I have not been much of a fast food guy the last year, but damn that greasy stuff was better than the dehydrated crap I had been living on.
You guy's should be out in the wild yonder...
Hope to see some good pics of some animals...
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