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Got A Huge One Yesterday !!!!

George P

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Jan 11, 2001
rochester N.H. usa
Wacked about a 50lber in front of the dogs yesterday.What a monster !!!Awesome run.Me and Miller27 saw him cross a pond about 500 yds away with my Diamond dog 100 yds behind and closing fast.Like watching a video in slow motion !!!It doesnt get much better than this winter has been.Miller 27 has been the good luck charm.5 times out and 5 dead yotes.I will try and get him to post the pictures if he isnt too busy.LOL
Here are the pix. What a beauty!
12 ga. 00 buck does an amazing job on these yotes, huh George?

Yup, thats a big coyote!!
Thanks for posting the pics.
What kind of dog is tiny?

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Josh,Tiny is half redtick and half beagle.I bought him from a friend in NY about 5 years ago.My friend Alan got him from me.Tiny is one of the best cold trailers i have evr seen.I have seen colder nosed dogs but none of them had the brains to go with the nose,he does.
Tiny has been used on coyotes,bobcats,foxes,coons and bears.He is an excellent start dog on all of them.He has a tremendous roar of a mouth,you have to hear it to believe it.He is a good tree dog and very aggresive with bayed up game.He never had much speed but is very steady on track.He is getting up there in age but is still an excellent start dog.He may be behind when they are running but he always comes through on the track with that big roar of his.
We have started a ton of game with him.He is one of those rare dogs that does equally well on all types of game.He is the only one I have had that I would run all those types of game with.Usually its tree dogs for tree game and running dogs for running game.

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