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Gone Hunting

Byron South

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Jun 24, 2003
I'm going to Idaho to hunt with SLYDOG. By the time you read this I will have already left. Hopefuly when I return I'll have a good story to tell and pictures. Wish me luck.

Moosie you coming.

Good Hunting

Well what a week, We got back-doored 2 times and thats just the half of it. We did get one coyote kill on video and one 35 lb Badger ( his 1st on film ) that Byron killed. We saw 13 coyotes, 7 in one bunch, feeding on a carcass ,,,, our deer season is in full swing and I never seen so damn many hunters in my life. It was hot as hell and dusty. We saw lots of deer but only one buck, a 1x2 yearling. We saw many antelope, 2 nice bucks.
Noshoes came up and hunted with us one day and Moosie met Byron and I at Applebys by the sportsman's warehouse in Meridan Idaho for some good laughs.
I realy had a great time hunting with Byron and hope like hell he comes back. Never had so much fun hunting with anyone before and my face still hurts from laughing.

All in all it was a super hunt and I'm looking forward to hunting with him again next year.

What a week of show and tell.

Thanks Byron for comming up to hunt with me and lets do it again real soon.

Smote the Yote

Sly, you didn't by any chance give my calls to Byron to bring back with him, did you?
Weather's cooling off out here and fur is looking better and better. I need those calls buddy. Think you can get around to shipping them this week?
Sounds like you's had a good hunt. A 35 pound badger? That sounds like a big one. Let's see some pictures Byron.

I had a GREAT time. Slydog, and his wife are great people. We had a tough time hunting because my knee was swollen and stiff the entire time, but the good company made the pain almost go away. he took me up to his hunting camp and we hunted from there for a couple of day's looking for a good buck with half of Idaho helping
. He had other places to take me but my knee wouldn't allow it.

Slydog pretty well covered the whole hunt with his post, but I will add this. I have been on many hunts where I've killed trophy animals, or more coyotes, But I have never been on a hunt where I had more fun than I did with Slydog, and No Shoes. These are the kind of people that make hunting so enjoyable to me. I will return.

Nasa I'm sure he'll get them call's to you as soon as posible. He took me to the airport yesterday morning, and was picking up a lady to take elk hunting this week and weekend.

Here is a picture of the badger. He weighs ever bit as much as 35 pounds.

I'm the good looking guy on the right.

Thanks Rick, Tami, and Gene.


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