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Going Soft


Jul 17, 2002
Hamilton MT
For all of you that are considering giving up hunting, go to the link below.


Personally, im thinking of asking him where he saw that 6point bull he passed on so i can bag it.
That was a very interesting read, I have seen some of the oldsters around here denounce it for the same reason. I more believe that a lot of them give it up because they just can't endure the rigors of a good hill climb any more. It has been said that if wars were fought by old men, they would be over before they started. This looks to be the case and I would believe it is that they have slowly lost the lust and zeal for life.
Good find Rocky...Thanks
What a nit wit. $5 says its some little bleeding heart activist Beeatch that made the whole story up to sway peoples opinions.

"Yes, we ate what we killed, but I never felt I was hunting TO eat, after all, I had food whether I killed anything or not."

The problem with that is that OTHER people are still doing the killing for you. Period. Vegetarian...so what, the farms are still eating up miles of wildlife habitat, causing them to starve to death in the winter. Blah blah blah.

"This family passed on a disregard of pain and suffering from generation to generation."

Oh, I forgot, we hunters shooting animals is the only pain and suffering they would ever have to endure. If we weren't hunting them, there lives would just be peaceful and the lion would walk with the lamb. Mmmhhhmmmm. Yeah sure. NO WILD ANIMAL DIES A PEACEFUL AND SERENE DEATH!! (unless it gets a razor sharp broadhead through the boiler room, then they just slowly and peacefully fade away!)

Hell, I'll bet 90+% of wild animals are eaten alive! There's no pain and suffering there eh?

Nice find Dog, now you got my blood all boiling!
he is a fudge packing anti hunter. I say take the link down. All they want is to spread their word in our territory. Like I said, I think the link should come down. Don't give their web page any more traffic. Ron
Quote - I shot the last animal that will ever fall to my gun in November 1992. I hunted until January, 1997.

Some hunter. He hunted for 5 years and never shot anything. :rolleyes: And he hunted for all those years before that and didn't enjoy it - he just did it because his father and grandfather did. Uh-huh.

I also do not believe this was written by a hunter. There is just too much Disneyesque-personification of animals, along with all the other PETA=phile lines. He even claims to have been shot! (and left for dead by an irresponsible hunter, of course. :rolleyes: )

Give me a break.
"He even claims to have been shot! (and left for dead by an irresponsible hunter, of course. )"

Maybe Dad or Grandpa was out cleaning up the gene pool.
Well folks I could only get passed the first few lines...What a piece of wasted air...I'd like to meet him though...Just to slap the salad out of his face...

My .02 on that junk….If I was feeling bad about hunting (which is the take I get on that) and THEN I get shot. I never would have gone out again. Certainly wouldn’t have taken me 5 MORE YEARS to figure out I’m not hunting any more. Total JUNK. Probably owns a salad shop in Anaheim, CA.
This may sound a little corny, but I say a little prayer to my maker and thank the animal for providing meat for my family. Hunting is providence, not murder. JMHO
The first time I read it Lefty, that is what I saw, the second time I went thru it, I did see what appears to be a collage student with an agenda.
I for one, give thanks to the Creator when ever I get an animal, no matter what it is.
I feel I owe the animal my full respect. I know I will get some grief for what I did in fun in Wy. last year, but I can assure those on the board, that will never happen again. Even if I was trying to keep up with the Jones's (Moosie) ;)
Elkchsr, I'm 69 this month, and have only been able to hunt the west the last five years. 3 times and going back this year. after a heart attack I just climb a little slower.I do feel a little sadness when I take an animal. I read once that if a person didn't, maybe they shouldn't be hunting. Maybe there is something to that thought, respecting the animal, etc. Whenever I do give up hunting it sure won't be because of crap like in that article though!!
john i am with you. i always say a prayer for a clean kill and a prayer after one. wonder why this guy couldnt kill anything for 5 years and is now a vegetarian. isnt that an old indian word that means bad hunter.
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