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Elk Turd

New member
Feb 15, 2001
Boise, ID, USA
So last year I shot a huge buck (OK, it was the ziploc buck because he was soo small), So this year I wanted to one up it!!! I didn't one up it by too much, I am going for the 10 year plan to get a big 4X4.

I was hunting with my boss on his property south of Lava Hot Springs in southeast Idaho. I know, private land and all I get is this deer..... What can I say???? We spotted him across the canyon and all I could tell was his antlers were outside his ears!!! Big improvement over my deer from last year! graemlins/hump.gif So we drive (I know...drive) down the canyon to the meadow and start up the other side. We finally park the truck and head up the other side of the canyon. Crawling, we crest the top and don't see the deer on the finger ridge like before. My hunting partner sat and waited while I walked around to the finger.

About a quarter of the way down, this deer comes busting my way through the sage brush. I pull the gun up on him and the antlers look good and shoot him with a straight on shot at 30 yards. The deer stops, looks at me and then runs to my left and disappears. Thinking I missed (at 30 yards) I start running after him and notice we are on a wide ridge line. The deer dropped dead 15 feet from a two track road. Shot took out the heart. :D

Here's two pic's, and please notice the fine headgear!!!! That would be the hunttalk hat! ;)



Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Is this were I post "He'll be Fine Table fair"... YOU can't eat the horns .. ;)

Seriously thuogh, I know you hunt hard, Congrats !!!

Nice head gear, On both Animals in the picture tongue.gif

raybow 1

New member
Dec 19, 2000
bellingham- washington
Right on elk turd. Hell, at least you got him!! I had one run that close to me and when I jacked a shell in he stopped and looked at me. I pulled the trigger and he bounced off like a friggin rabbit!! graemlins/soapbox.gif

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