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Dec 9, 2000
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Alright, Put a Numer by your Excuse and Post it. I've heard it all. It's usually the Weather or time of the year but there is always a "REASON" or "Excuse" for something in hunting. Hell, Even when We're Successfull we have them. Examples of that are "It's not big but it was close to the road" or "I didn't have much time to hunt and" .....

I'll start you off with a Few I've used and ALWAYS hear... Please Continue this list. We as Hunters shoud have this list Handy !!!

1. The weather was too hot.
2. It was Too cold.
3. It was Too dry and noisey.
4. It was Wet and they didn't come to the watering hole.
5. Other hunters were in the area and messed up my hunt.
6. Not Enough people to push around the elk..

NOW, grant it it might be me.. but is there always 2 sides to Excuses ? either 1 or 2, 3 or 4, 5 or 6... Alright, Post yours, If you don't, I'll go pull them from stories, We have "ALL" used them... Even Greenhorn
I spent 6days this year after a Bull Thar in MtCook National park,on the 4th day a helicopter working for the department of conservation shot up the Bluff range I had spent 3 days hiking in to,they considered the Thar were causing unacceptable damage to the giant Rununculas {Mt Lily}all that were left were some nannys, kids and Juvenile males,
I just miss my bull. Might have been elevation don't know just missed.

Yes it was to hot but that ain't the reason I missed.
a favorite of all Zonies...

9. It was a great year for elk hunting, I just couldn't draw a f$%#&^g tag...

13. That "toothpick-sized" limb got in the way and deflected my arrow... again!

14. We should have gone to that ridge over there...

15. If I'd have drawn a muzzle-loader tag this year, I could have stacked them up!

16. A bear ate my treestand climber and screwed up my "honey-hole"!
18. It was just too windy. (used often in Wyoming)

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#1 I was taking a dump when they came -he was huge and yeah the gun was leaning against a tree 5 feet away.

#2 Just when I was about to shoot the sun popped over the ridge and right into my scope.

#3 Two crows flew over , a beaver slapped his tail in the water and my partner farted all at the same time and I missed . ( Dam I hate when that happens)

"had ta run a half a frickin mile to get ahead of them, if i woulda been drinkin diet coke instead of CHOCOLATE SHAKES, i wouldnta been so winded!!!!! Sorry Moosie!!!!!!!!! he,he 7.21
Here's the best.....

Last year we went into town to get supplies and found out Dale's wife went into the hospital for what we were told were labor pains (we later found out after we were back home that she got a little dehydrated and went in for an IV or something like that).... Needless to say we got back to the woods, packed camp, and shagged ash back to Austin....

The big one that didn't even have a chance to get away!!!!!!
1. You would have missed the shot too, with a lap full of chocolate shake. "What the hell are you doing?" never mine.

2. Why it take you a half-mile to stop? Sorry had a coke can stuck under the brake petal.

Good Luck, JLG.
Oh shit this will be fun..

1) My ass is too fat so I had to ride my ATV where there should be elk but isn't. Duh!

2) My nunchucks make too much noise when I spin them across my feet while elk hunting.. I'm a ninja, remember.

3) My throwing stars are not as accurate as they used to stuff again guys.

4) The wolves ate all the elk, so I can't get one. They are all gone.

5) The weather is too hot. Elk are invisible and unkillable when the temperature is over 60 degress.

6) No elk migrated out of the park this year. It doesn't matter that I hunted in eastern Montana, all the elk in Montana come from Yellowstone Park.

7) My wife wouldn't let me hunt. I'm pussy-whipped.

8) I pass up all the 350s, so obviously I didn't get an elk. Worship the ground I walk on if you aren't smart enough to recognize how full of shit I am.

9) I don't have to kill an elk to have a successful hunt, it's the nature experience and comradary with my pals that I'm there for. That, and I'm a lying fag.

10) The state F&G agency is mismanaging the wildlife.

11) All the elk are on private land. The ones on public land are all gone. That and there's no access.... with my ATV.

12) My personal favorite, one that I'll use now... I didn't get one this season (YET) because I smell bad... that, and I move around too much at the wrong times, which seems to frighten the elk.
My all time favorite excuse:

I had diarrea and my ass was so sore I couldn't walk to where the elk were. Thank god for baby wipes!!
I'm just to fat & lazy to hunt very hard !

I kinda sleep in a bit late ( after staying up till 3am drinking whiskey around the campfire )
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