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Hunt whenever you can. it’s about being out. But if you want a nice rug the latest in year you can hunt the better. Some spring bears are pretty rubbed with off. Little leaner obviously.
Hey thanks for posting about late fall being better hide quality for rug. I was going to start a thread asking this question but decided to use search feature instead. BOOM.
Both spring and fall can be very successful. The best time for hides is early spring or late fall. I personally like fall bears because you don't have to worry about their hide being rubbed out, and you get the fat. Plus, I've heard that fall bears generally taste better, I can't verify that though. In the spring glass avalanche chutes below snow line or walk gated logging roads looking for a bear munching on the green up. In the fall climb to higher elevations and glass up berry patches. Hopefully this helps you find your first.
After seeing 6 different bears in a single day of archery elk hunting last fall I am thinking about hunting black bear in earnest this fall (colorado) - for others who have hunted fall bears in colorado how did they eat? I would be pretty disappointed if it wasn’t tasty. The ones I was seeing were all eating blueberries so maybe a good time - this was late September.
I’ve only shot 3 in Colorado. Two were some of the best meat we’ve ever had, one was nasty. I’d say, shoot them as far away from houses and campsites as you can. I will say a bear roast cooked like a Mississippi pot roast is about as good as it gets!


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That’s helpful. I had been thinking to hunt them in the front range but went back on that since although they were eating berries last year that’s not gonna be the norm. I am going for a more remote location now for that exact reason. Still there’s probably always the possibility of them getting into road kill or gut piles. Fingers crossed the first one is a good one.

On ones where the meat is nasty is the fat rendered to oil also nasty?
I am also intrigued with bear hunting. I am new to hunting period but have been shooting all my life and am a pretty good shot. In fact bear hunting and possibly elk hunting are the only two that interest me
Bear hunting can be addicting, it's never a "I'm just gonna try this once, to say that I did it", but more of "when's the next season and what other states have a bear season". Good luck.

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