Getting ready for the hunt.


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Mar 25, 2001
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Are you one of those people that has all your ducks in a row? Do you have all your hunting gear all in one place, easily accessable or are you one of those that has stuff scattered everyhwere? Can you be ready to go hunting in 15 minutes or 15 hours? (I think we will put Del in the 15 hour category, according to April, :D )

I am a firm believer that there is a place for everything and everything in it's place. Of course it doesn't always work that way. When I use something I always put it back and it annoys the hell out of me when somebody else uses something and it doesn't get put back - Dave, you should read this about 100000000000 times :D

I have "most" of my hunting stuff located in 2 places at my place and when somebody decides to move my "stuff" and not tell me where it is,,,,,well, I get upset. My desk looks like a bomb hit it and it "looks" messy to everybody but I know where everything is in that pile.

I can't stand people that are late - a major pet peeve of mine. If somebody tells me they are going to meet me in the AM at a certain time and they are 1 minute late, I am gone. Dave, again, you should read this 100000000000000 times, lol.

So, how well organized are you when you're getting ready for the hunt?

With children around sometimes they believe that a prior permission applies to ALL the time. Which it doesn't by the way. :mad:
Sometimes I go to right where I place an item and it is no longer there and then Dad does a little bi+ching.
I usually am ready to go the night before. I have everything by the back door ready to load in the morning.
I am the only hunter and male in my home which means my "stuff" is either in the garage or the trunk of my car. If I keep anything in the house my 9 year old daughter would have it smelling like one of those awful smelling sprays she is always spraying around the house. Then the wife is always sprinkling carpet fresh everywhere. I think I need to rent my own apartment somewhere from October to January every year so I can have a "scent free" hunting season. :D
I have all of my stuff in one room. The problem is the whole room is my hunting stuff which LB say I have way too much of. But I am always ready to go the night before. In the morning it is wake up, dress, have coffee and split. I believe in being on time but am usually early, but rarely, and I do mean rarely, late.
I can almost surely say I am usually late and my cathuntin,coonhuntin,deerhuntin,spring fishin,icefishin,snowsleddin stuff is scattered from he11 to breakfast in my house and 4 buildins on my 2 acre lot that are forever in various stages of decay.LOL Its pathetic,I'm pathetic,and with 4 kids ages 2-11,its no wonder I can find any of it.I'm a mess BUT,just pull in the driveway and ask me if I wanna go whereever with ya and you'll get a hell of a kick outa watchin me get ready.Almost anyway.


And they size doesn't matter,,,,,lies all lies, lol.

Actually we aren't trophy hunting, we are meat hunting. The first deer we see,,,,,kill it. Our buck and doe season are combined this season (first time I know of that ever happening). We (Nut, Dave and Myself) all have doe tags as well as a buck tag so we can kill the first deer we see. If LUCKY the first deer will be a buck, but I wouldn't hold my breath on that one. The doe to buck ratio around here is about 20 to 1.

It is supposed to be in the mid 50's tomorrow, YUKKK, so deer won't be moving unless spooked by a hunter. According to the weather it is supposed to rain Tues, but not to worry, Nut will be dry in his "Nut House".

Dave is presently making up a target for Nut to shoot at, when he arrives. We are all set. We have the radio, head set, double license holder, rifle, ammo and map all ready for Nut. Oh and a key to the Nut House, don't want to forget that or he will be hanging on the ladder, lol.

I will give a progress report tomorrow or the next day.

Wish Nut lots of luck.

Shaky, You and the 'Nut have a good safe hunt. Hope ya have some good stories to tell when it's over.

Shaky, do let us know if 'Nut wears a blaze orange vest over his pink dress. ;) WD
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