Getting ready for hide season???


Dec 20, 2000
When does everyons seasons start?
There is no kill season on coon here so I only kill a few in the summer for the dogs sake. mid October no coon will be safe!
my 1 year old Female has treed over 100 coon by herself this spring and summer so I am real anxious for fall to come.
She also treed her first bear last night! It was the second bear she had ever seen. :D
There is no closed season on coon here. There used to be years ago when hides were worth somthing but now they just want them to get hunted.
In Utah you can also hunt them year round......without a license :D :D Fish and game want them outta here. To hard on whats left of the pheasant population.
Idaho has a yr round season, not really enough coon to feel good about killin one, Oregons has a pursuit season sept.1-nov. 14th, kill season nov 15th- feb. 28th. Not to often I go coonhunting, usually most my coons are caught on accident, rigging one while huntin cat or bear.
Gatoman, I know what you mean by accident.I treed 2 this training season.I wsnt too happy.Both of them were off baits.One dog did all the work!!!The others were at the tree but they knew it wasnt right.This was the first time in the 3 years that I have owned him that I have seen my Spot dog under anything but a bear.He got the message but i dont think he really needed it.I hate treeing coons when I am bear hunting.I love coon hunting but when you are coonhunting not bear hunting.That makes 3 coon trees in 3 years total for me so I really cant complain.
Whare I live there are tons of coon but no bear. Usually my dogs are real straight on coon and it takes a couple of times hunting bear to get them interested in something new.
Its interesting to me how dogs trained strictly on bear seem to be more willing to tree other game than dogs trained only on coon......just my opinion from what i have seen.

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