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getting banned???


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Jan 7, 2001
Northeast Arizona
i caught the tail end of a news piece about legislation to ban the use of dogs and/or baiting. has anyone else heard of this and can you offer anymore info on this.
(i have a hound hunt next sept. and want to know if this is going to affect me)

CC I havent heard anything about it around here this year.
But its no suprise that the tree hugging animal rights freaks are trying to do it again.
We had a go round here in Idaho a few years back ,Im happy to say they got stopped but those a$$ holes are like a cat with nine lives :D they just keeping comming back to life. :mad: :mad:
A few years ago.. THEY tried to Stop baiting and hound hunting in Idaho... It got squashed.. BTU... the Antis do that every few years and creep in a fuggin few more votes each time :( :(

BUT.. We'll squash it again if it cpomes up again

It's a STATE by STATE thing C.C.... not a Reg. thing....
We got sqaushed here a few yrs ago by them fuggin bunnyhuggers in the state of Washington.Its just a shame that we cant bait or use dogs for cougar or bear.We also got squished last yr again,no trapping allowed in this god forsaken state.Is it time to move yet???

I left Washington in the early eighties. Before that I actively trapped north of Spokane.

Are you saying that all trapping has been banned in all of Washington?

Coon, rats, coyotes etc?

Westman you can still trap mice and rats.But even them pesky moles are even banned to trap.The lady that headed up this stupid initiative is even complaining about a mole problem in her yard :D :D Where abouts did you trap over there,I've got relatives in the Newport area.
Well, I got me a good idea where those ladie's moles oughta head to next!! :mad:

That blows my mind. What do they think is going to keep the coons and coyotes in balance. Maybe roadkill?? Huh!

I lived in a cabin in the hills north and west of Springdale which is west of Loon Lake. If you have ever been west on hwy 292 from hwy 395 it will take you up and over a small pass. There is some killer mule deer hunting high up in that backcountry. I wish I could tromp those hills again. Gotta be willing to work like heck though.


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