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Dec 13, 2000
Apple Valley, CA, USA
I just spent about half an hour or more on the phone with JB Florida, who told me about all the big bulls he saw in the same area I'll be hunting. Due to the hurricanes in Florida, he had to leave before sticking one. He was also holding out for a big bull, and passed on a couple just "nice" bulls, I guess.

Gotta keep practicing with the Hootchie Mama and Cow in Estrus calls...

JB said they were not responding to bugles much, due to road hunters driving around and bugling to try to locate the elk... :rolleyes: He did bring some in to just beyond bow range with the cow calls. Since I'll using a muzzleloader, anything within about 200 yards will do.... :D

I leave next Wednesday and the hunt starts on the 9th.
where ya headed??? I too am getting amped up--I haven't hunted elk or muleys since '01--I can't wait-chris
I'm heading to New Mexico, Unit 13. I didn't get to hunt elk last year, so I am excited.

The NM Game & Fish website was down - does anyone know if the deer tags for that area are over-the-counter?
well I hope you knock a big one down--I know nothing about the NM tags situation, so I'm no help there--last yr I had a bud get about a 340 bull somewhere in NM, but I'm not sure exactly where--was a landowner tag I believe---chris
Good luck Rick, I hope you whak a monster.
I take it 348 power belts will be the projectial ?
Yes, Dan - 348 gr Powerbelts over 130 gr of Pyrodex. I didn't have time to work up a load with the new 777 pellets.

raybow - it is "about" like shooting a .45-70 with standard loads.
Good luck Rick! If you had your smoke pole along with me and Acon a few weeks back you wouldn't have had any problem bagging a 320+ bull. It would seemed 70 to 100 yards was where we would loose the bigger bulls. Hunt hard and shoot straight.................look forward to the pix............
Thanks, Mark - as long as I get to play tag with some bulls, if they are still bugling, if at least one responds to my cow calling, a week or so with great buddies, if I get into the mountains and away from home and work - well, it's all good. A nice bull is the icing on the cake.

We'll be hunting public land, and no ATV is going along. ;) In case inquiring minds wanted to know - my fat ass will drag itself and any elk I manage to bag out on foot. I just have to start out earlier in the morning than you young studs! ;) :D :D Hmmm - maybe I should start out the night before....
I tell you what! That is impressive-it being like a 45-70. That'l knock em for a loop. Boy I am way behind the times on them smoke poles. Man-ya better not have two or three of em standing in line or it could be a two or three bagger!! ;)

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