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Gar Man, ? About your elk

I think he ran away.
I need to e-mail them to someone who can lighten the pics up alittle. I took them at night and I guess there wasn't enough light in the living room. If someone can help with that let me know.
307 is what he green scored. I haven't scored him since.

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Nice looking mount Gar Man. thanks for graphic artist skills Moosie. GM, i saw you post that you bought a middle fork tag again this year. You gonna go to the same area again or go somewhere new in your unit?

Ive seen some nice elk in some of that country on spring/summer trips, but never bought the tag since i live in MT. Theres some areas in there an elk would be unretrievable.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Theres some areas in there an elk would be unretrievable <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I've actually thought about heading back in there for fun once .. NOW it sounds like a Challenge
Thanks for the compliments everyone, and thanks for the pic help Moosie. RD, we are heading to the same spot this year, but we will expand our hunting area some what. I am wanting to see if the herds will be in the same general location. While we were there, there was two other guys from Arkansas and Kansas that was watching a heard of 50 animals. I would like to find that herd also. We didn't quite go all out like T-Bone did on his sheep hunt, but it was a hell of a challenge.
GMan, sounds like a good trip. im sure it will only get better since your learning the country, and alot of it is recovering from the fires.

Moosie, fogittaboutit, that country would chew you up and spit you out
. I mean unless you got a muzzlebreak, then maybe you could handle it.
Yes that was my first elk hunt and my first elk. I'll never forget that moment, he sounded like a D-4 cat coming up the hill. Whats funny is we shot alot at home at yardages from 200 to 300 when I shot he was 49 yards and would have come alot closer if I would have let him. We're going to see if I can repeat this year.

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