Game Cam Troubleshooting


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Jan 3, 2019
New York
Hey guys,

I bought a half dozen Wildgame Innovations cameras over the last year and have had mixed success. I know they’re cheap, but I can’t imagine that all 6 don’t work already!

It seems that when I first put them out with a fresh card they function decently. However, I usually hike in and check them with a card reader connected to my phone. After I check them, I always put the same card in and put it in test mode—it shoots photos of me and I take off.

The next time I go to check them I almost always have no photos or maybe one sporadic photo and none of me walking back in to check.

Is it possible that my card reader on my phone is reformatting the SD and that’s why it has issues after my first time checking it? Or is it that the cameras just suck and are $40?

Thanks for any info you can pass along!