FU$#@*&^% KNEE!!


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Dec 25, 2000
Lewiston, Idaho
Just looking for one of two things. Simpathy or BEER.

Here's the deal. Just got my MRI done on my knee today. Doc says he don't have the hole picture yet but.........we're goin' in next Tuesday. Gonna get the pizza chit scoped.
Can't beleive this crap. This aint supposed to happen to a guy that needs his body to work in September! Here's the real kicker. It's my freakin good leg! I don't have any use of the lower muscles in the other pizza schit leg I've got.

Well anyway, I'm done pissin and moaning for now. Well, I might moan some. Just needed to whine a little.
I figure maybe someone like Moosie, DS, Greeny, Fecl, or somebody might come up with a story to go with this that will make me feel better.

Anywho, if nothing else send your bull$*#It sympathy cards or (preferrably) COLD BEER to:

Bullhound @
6969 Broken Woody Lane
Lewiston, Id :mad: :mad: :mad:

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That sucks bullhound...

I would push for a tempory(sp) road tag..drive arond popping deer and elk off the road..... LMAO..

Or have oscar carry you up and down those hills he likes a work out...

BULLHOUND... thats what we're here for bud...... Complain away !~~~~~~

Didn't you also have some Eye surgery done a couple years ago too ?!?? Or was that someone ele ?
Yeah, I had my eyes fixed. That was actually a good thing. I had worn contacts for years and was actually considered legally blind in my left eye. I always carried extra contacts with me cause if I lost one I couldn't even dream of even making it home by myself. I had Lazik surgery on my eyes and now have 20/20 vision in both eyes.

I think Del has a great idea. If my knee aint better by August 30th, you are welcome to come to my camp and pack my dead ass up and down those drainages. What do ya think.

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If I had time I would.... I'm busy chasing this Spike I've been Eyeing all summer.... Come Elk hunting season I'm killing that spike !!!!!! Then it's off to Montanna to get one there.... think I can Shoot 2 spikes in the same year ?!?!? :D :D

YAH.. my memory sux, but I thought you were able to see again
Sorry to hear it friend......and no, I don't have a story to match that one yet......now had you talked about chasin' of bulls siderailed by the chasin' of women.we may coulda helped you! ;) DS
I've got a friend who got his eyes and knees fixed a couple of years ago. Hope they can fix your knees too, like they did your eyes. Maybe you should postpone till after september if they would and you could?
Holy Crap! How hard does a guy have to whine to get a cold beer!

The docs both tell me that I have a good to great chance of being in real good shape (knee) by September 1st if I do it right away. Both me and the docs have a real question as to whether or not I could make it through hunting season with the peice of crap the way it is.

The real problem I have now is, I hate to admit this, by the time the knee comes around, I may be so out of shape from staying inactive that I'll die down in some big ol' bulls honey hole.
Bullhound, if you were closer I would buy you a beer man.. I know where your coming from. I had to have both of my feet operated on (torn plantar fascia). One last year and the other about a month ago. So I am dealing with the same thing. I am bound and determind to be in good shape for my hunt. So if I could I would buy you a beer man. In the mean time do what's best for you and I'll pray everything works out for the best. Good luck!
SORRY bud..... I missed the BEER op.

Lemme make it up to you !!!



NOW, Stop yeeeeeerrrr WHINING

Hey Bullhound,
Do you have access to a swimming pool ?
You may be able to stay in some kind of shape until the knee heals. Better yet, a pool full of beer.
Cali Hunter,

Didn't get an email from you that I saw.


I can have the boat and my dead ass in the Snake River in 5 minutes from my house. Yeah, the swimming is great exersize but for some reason I can't get near the river without feeling a need to down a case of beer. ;)
SO my post you didn'
t see the BEER pictures.. And In your Email you didn't get one from CALI that he sent you...

WHY should we keep sending you stuff if you don't even SEE it.. MAybe you're eyesight isn't as good as you think ;)
Hey man...don't fret. I just had my knee scoped June 12th and I'm about 80% right now. It's only been 6 weeks and I've already been up in the mountains a bit and I'm back in the gym, riding, running, lifting...etc! Just take care of it and you'll be fine in Sept. You have time. If you need pointers of rehab e-mail me! I'd be glad to help!
Good luck!
Hey Bullhound,
Go ahead and get the knee fixed. As soon as you get home, have three beers, and through away the crutches. Get a good cane, and start walking. When you think you can't take it any more, have more beer and keep walking. Stay out of elevators, and use the stairs when ever you can. You will be surprised how fast you will get that leg back in shape.
Thirty years ago, I had a .44 mag go off in a holster, and nearly blow off my right leg. The 240 gr. hollow point slug entered right under my knee, and exited in the middle of my shin at the top of my eight inch high boot, and entering again at the tip of my big toe. Both bones in my leg were broken as well as my toe. All the motor nerves were severed, as well as the sensory nerves. I had no feeling from my knee down, and I had only 5% motor function in my right foot. The doctors said I would never walk again with out the use of a cane, and because of the damage to th motor nerves, they said that I should have my foot fused to my leg, and eliminate the ankle. If I didn't have this done, I would risk breaking my ankle if I walked on anything other than flat ground. He told me that I would have to stay off the leg for at least five months. That was on November 7, 1971. The "doctor" also said that I should give up hunting and hikeing because it would be too dangerous. I told him to go f--- himself, and was back at work 4 days later, walking and excercising the leg whenever I could. I got rid of the cane in about three months, and was playing Fall softball in the 1973 season. I still have a week ankle and have broken it 13 or 14 times in the last 30 years. I don't know how many times I have sprained it, but one thing I can tell you is that I have NEVER missed even one hunting season. The guys I hunt with range in age from 76 doun to 13 years old, and I can keep up with any one of them on any hunt in any place they want to go. Don't worry about your knee. Just excersize the hell out of it, and you won't miss any hunts either.
Good luck.
John O'Neil

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