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ft peck is open!


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Dec 4, 2013
glendive, MT
I went to Nelson creek yesterday and caught some slimers. It looks like the dam and hell creek are open as well according to the web cams
The wind yesterday pushed the ice to the east of York Island. None of the boat ramps were usable yesterday in the dam area. You could get out from the Flat lake ramp.

Talked to a couple of guys who trailered their boats over to Hell Creek and they said it is open from about the Pines on up the lake as far as any one wants to go.

The river below the dam is starting to turn on for snot rockets and hopefully the walleyes will be on the bite this weekend.

Sweet! I'm taking my wife to the east end bays for some pike fishing this weekend. Can't wait. Do people have much luck shore fishing for big walleyes on peck this time of year?
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Belmont was there a lot of ice pushed over by York? I'm Hopefully going to fish haxby so just wondering. It might be blown to a different spot or gone completely by next sunday

The wind was breaking up the ice pretty good on Sunday. I suspect that by next Sunday it will be gone almost completely.

There will still be some ice piled up on the shore at York Island and maybe on Haxby but it should okay to fish IMO.

I couldn't see very far up the Dry Arm but it looked like open water up that way.

I am hoping Saturday will be calm in the morning so I can get out and get the boat off the trailer for the first time.


Satellite Image from from Yesterday, Not very clear but it shows most of the ice is broken up.

Windy and warm will eat it up pretty fast.