Frustrating Rest Issue


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Jan 29, 2019
Rocked down to the range this morning for an early morning broadhead tune check. First few shots at 30yards are a little left. No big deal I figure Next 2 shots are spot on at 40 yards with vanes touching. Next 2 are 6 inches left. Scratch my head a little. Next 2 are 6 nches right. Something is wrong. Start to check things over to find the allen head bolt on the smackdown rest , holding the left and right travel is loose. Go to tighten up and it’s just spinning. Seems it’s stripped the thread on the body section. Can’t remember gorilla fisting it. So 1 week and 1 day before I fly out to Montana, it’s a mercy dash to my local - 2 hours away - to get either a new rest or replacement base section. Best it’s happened now and not in the hills. The trials and tribulations huh.