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Jan 24, 2002
I want to hunt a bull during the rut with a rifle. I read somewhere where this can be done without a draw. Now I know this isn't true so someone please set me straight. I know you can do it in Idaho but how tough is it to get a tag. Would I be better off just trying to get a muzzleloader tag? Thanks guys
If this is true let me know I might head up... I will hunt with either a bow or rifle..

This might help but getting a set of Idaho regulations would make it easier for you to understand, most units are archery only during the rut, usually it is the nasty remote wilderness stuff that is open for any weapon during the rut...Here is a list of units that are open during the rut for any weapons. units: 16A,17,19,20(selway zone) 20A,26,27(middle fork zone) 53,63(snake river zone, need pass from ineel to hunt 63) would tell you tho that if you bowhunt you can bowhunt most of the best units during the RUT before the rifle tag drawers get to go :eek: :eek: :eek:
What Cutthroat said. Unless you're wanting in one of the controlled hunt drawings, you can get your tag for elk, when you get here... usually. Best to contact Idaho Fish & Game and check the regs.


Best of luck. L.W.

Its true there are afew rut hunts you can
rifle hunt, but they are generally in wilderness areas. I've hunted a couple of
times in the Saint Joe River area in Northern
Idaho. That was 10 years ago when the season
started Oct 1. I came home empty handed both
times, but saw several bulls each time. Lucky
for the elk I was a terrible shot. :D
I know that.. uhhh.. whats his name hunts Elk with Rifle in the rut.. Tags over the counter...... "Road trip" I think..... ?~?~

DELW., If ya get a min find his ADDY and post him a message, He is short 2 hunters this year I think..... ?~!??~~?
Thanks everyone. It sounds like it might not be that hard to get a tag for this kind of hunt. Is that right? I know, I need to contact the Idaho game and fish. So let me get this straight. If I can get a tag, I would need horses to get into the wilderness area? If we could get some tags we should try to get a hunttalk hunt together. Any takers? I don't get to hunt out of state much. but I think this one is doable? What do you guys think? Thanks guys
BOMAN.. I'd be willing to buy a 2nd tag and hunt with ya........ In Idaho a resident can buy a 2nd tag at NON-res prices......If there is some left... I'm sure there will be

WHAT ya think ?

I hunt the Sept.15th rifle hunt and you can either find an outfitter to pack you in on one of their historical use outfitter tags...same price...or buy the "B" tag early before they sell out because they are limited and they go quick. But it is Way back in the nasty stuff...and that is putting it nicely. It would take the good side of 2 days to pack one heavy quarter out of there on foot. June's the cut off on the historical tags...but an outfitter can switch a name out on a cancelled tag..unfortunately most outfitters will only use those tags on high end guided hunts. If we do well again this year...I'll be making another trip out next year. Cool thing is you can hunt the Sept 15th hunt...and then by Nov. you are ready to go again. They have B tags in the Selway also...

wow guys thanks. It sounds like Idaho has some good rules.. Confusing but good.

Moosie, hell yeah I'd hunt with you. But you told me I had to buy a bow?? yeah I would love to hunt elk/deer in idaho. What do I have to do? Thank you
Let me see how july and aug pans out. I have to pay for my bear hunt first or oscar will kick my butt...And If I have to stop all my hunts to go on that bear hunt I will, Heck I might even reduce my fishing a little to go on it....

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