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Jan 2, 2002
Well, I'm the new kid on the block.
I love to hunt Mule Deer, and look forward to visiting with the fine folks here!
Well Newbie, welcome. Hunttalk is an OK place to be if you can't be hunting. Drop by the Fireside and say Hi to everyone.
Canoe.... You're from BOISE... SO am I ....

WHERE ya at and what do ya do ?!!?!?

FNG... is that the Fish N GAME ;) (More probably the "Fuggin new guy".. HUH ?)
MOOSIE, Fuggin New Guy is right! I live on the west side of town (Eagle & McMillan), and I work for ITD District 3 in the Roadway Design section. I think I read on another site that you work in a related field. If I remember right you said that you do work for Forsgren. I don't currently have any projects with them, but I know we do use them for consultant services on occasion. Well, gotta get back to work, catch you later.
I do work for Forsgen Associates.... I ru ntheir Cadd department...

I'm guessing you know ....

ROD Lafferty, PE ..
Louis Sanchez, PE ..

ASK them About me.. THEY will tell you I act in the ITD meetings like I act on these forums.. THATS why MY boss don't like me going to the meetings often... Something about Politically corect or some Chit like that

Give me your real name.. Or your Initials.. I got the ITD manual, I can look it up from there.. I might know ya ?!?! I worked closely with ROD on the Garrity OFFRAMP project. I did the design nightmare on that project.. WITH all those lights.... HAha

PS, Doug C. (ITD) is an awsome BOW guy I hear.. I met him once at a SHOOT but he probably don't know me... I'm guessing thats not you becasue HE knows Dinger (STEVE) that I work with....
My name is Zane Lathim. I don't think we have met yet. You are right, I do know Lou and Rod. I'll have to ask them about you. What is your name again? I already forgot. You know what they say, that short term memory is the first thing to go! Doug is an awesome bow guy, his photo collection is makes me drool! I'll catch up with you tomorrow, gotta get going.

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Canoe.... NICE to meet ya :D

MY name is Oscar.... I liked Brent ingram aswell.. BUT he left ITD to work for.... (SOMEWERE ELSE_ ?)

What do ya do for them..... YOU don;t sound like a Stuffy Engineer... Sound more like a Punk kid like myself :D (SEE, I don't know who ya are and Already I'm spouting.. THATS why I can't go to the meetings often ;))

Anyways, MAybe I'll have to take you out to lunch one day ...LIKe a "MARKETING" or something
I can steel the company card for that !!!!
Thanks for all of the greetings guys!
Moosie, I am a Senior Technician (flunkie), I work on mostly simple projects (no-brainers), and I specialize in lunch at consultants expense (mooching). Ha Ha, just kidding, but stop by the office sometime or look me up in your directory, maybe we can have a beer and lie to each other about how great we are at hunting!! I have a project development meeting to go to this morning, so I have to get my updates ready, catch ya later.
Moosie and canoe, I don't know what ITD is, but it sounds like something to do with state roads, I have an uncle that I hunt with sometimes that now lives in Boise that works for the state doing something with roads, his name is Wade Christiansen, thought you might know him. I am also new to this site, been on here about 5 minutes. Moosie, I met you on another site, I sent you an email this morning cause I couldn't find the forums on here. just in case you didn't know, I figured it out somehow.
Thanks DS!
Brusher, You are correct, ITD is the Idaho Transportation Dept. I am not familiar with Wade Christianson, what does he do?
PROBABLY....NOTHING like the rest of the STATE workers... :D :D

SO.... CAN I do some work for the STATE now ...SEE why I don't get invited to the ITD meetings ;)
MOOSIE, of all the mean things you could say, you had to accuse us of being lazy. Man, us state guys never get cut any slack. I'll have you know that my after lunch naps rarely last over an hour or two!
Welcome Canoe and Brusher!

I work with Moosie and I don't take him to meetings because of what he says!!!! :D

Now I will have to monitor the web site :D :D

Canoe, Moosie and I have to go to lunch one of these days with ya and and compare lies, err, stories!!!!

Elk Turd

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