First time trolling

choc dogs

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Apr 12, 2006
. My attitude regarding fishing can best be described as casual, most of the time in the boat is simply time on the water. This year I finally made a concerted effort to catch some Kokanee in one of our local reservoirs. A couple of years ago I told my wife to call my Christmas present a pair of manual down riggers for the pontoon. A visit with a vendor at the spring sportsman’s show found a box of dodgers and squids. “These will be a good starting point” I finally tried to put theory into practice last week and managed some Kokanee on Anderson. Like I need another hobby. 12F2F68D-D5E4-4656-898B-1B8499D9E60F.jpeg BD43B56E-613E-4321-9455-7B61C169BB76.jpeg CA75DE33-611D-47ED-8EE0-848B3DA15901.jpeg 8F08FF9E-BD68-4873-A252-A66321335C92.jpeg 09CD2519-9010-47BE-A877-896388EFF5C0.jpeg