First Snow


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Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
With elk season just around the corner this was a sight for sore eyes. This afternoon the sky got black, the wind started to blow, the mountains disappeared, it started to lightning and the temps droped drasticly. Once the storm broke, you could see a fresh coating of white on the mountains. Oh Yeah, fall is in the air and elk season is around the corner.
Wow snow in August is unheard in Indiana. We've got some great fall football weather for the weekend forecasted.

I just got back from New Mexico scouting where we're gonna hunt.... The weather's substantially different there. How's everything going?????
That is great news Elkhunter.Too bad it not here tho,we forecasted to be in high 70's thru the weekend.It will come soon enuff,Im liking this no rain thing. :D

We've seen some "white stuff" on the mountains (and everything else) here too. But it's ashes, not snow. I hope the winter snows come early to drown the fires.

Well, all we have had is a tornado or two. Heck, we have had tornado warnings the past 3 days and are under a strong t-storm watch for today. I sure am ready for the snow though.
IndyJay try southern Indiana two friday nights ago somewhere around August 30 it was cool for just few nights. We even took light weight jackets to football game. Too bad it went and got hot on us again. :mad:

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Nut, it is 46 now with rain predicted for the overnight and valley temps of the mid 30s so I would expect to se more of the white in the mountains tomorrow.
Elky... The problem with taking time off is it seems like everything twice as $*cked up when you get back. We ended up going in about 6-7 miles before we found what we were looking for. Great high mountain meadows with water.... Didn't see any elk this trip, but I had my brother with me who'd rather go and spend the evening at the casino than on the mountain (It's all about compromising). Anyways, I saw elk turds all over the place and scouted a couple back ups in case this doesn't work.

When I talked to the game warden and forest rangers they were pretty open with pointers, but also warned us to make sure we didn't venture onto the reservation. Those indians don't take to kindly to tresspassing if you know what I mean. They were saying last year there were two 390 class bulls killed in that area, so we'll have to see if luck's on my side this year!!!!!
Jimmy, I hope it all pulls together for you and Dale. You will be there and back again with your 390 bulls before you know it. Are you sure you don't want me to bring Redneck downthere for you? ;)
I've been seeing snow on and off on the hills around here for the last few weeks...It's been a little wet any way... :D

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