First Elk Hunt!


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Nov 28, 2001
Chandler, Az
I just forked out the $$$ for non-res. deer and Elk in Idaho!

Panhandle Unit 6 for Elk and Clearwater 8A for deer. I can't wait! My father-in-law hunts the Panhandle all the time with his buddies and they have a hunt camp set up there. I'm just shaking with anticipation as I type this!!

I'm taking an ole hillbilly buddy of mine from West Virgina with me. I'm sure we'll have a blast.

One question though. I just have a "girly" .270 and am pretty deadly with it(first deer last year). I'd like to get a .300 mag and a friend said to get the .300 ultra mag. I may just have to use the old reliable .270, but I'd hate to wound an animal on my first attempt at Elk hunting.

Whatcha think?
I think you'll be alright with your 270, they've killed a ton of elk and if you already shoot it well then you're ahead of the game. Unit 6 is a big area, do you have any idea of any landmarks you'll be hunting near. I know the area a little, but not real well. Any reason for going with the 8A deer tag and not one that you can use in 6 while you're elk hunting. 6 has some really good deer hunting in some places and has more muleys than 8A for sure.

I'm doing 8A because my inlaws live in Potlatch and they seem to pretty well there. It's a lot of private land, but my father-in-law knows plenty of folks that will let us hunt on their land. I shot my first deer there last year, so I guess I'll stick where the inlaws like to hunt. Next year might be a different story! ;)
I forgot to say that I haven't got a clue to the landmarks there, but I can find out from my father in law where the hunt camp is and maybe you can clue me in! Maybe a pm or something?
Sounds good, if you find out anything send me a PM and I'll see what I can do. I was actually considering a 6 elk tag this year if I don't draw the controlled one I applied for. The deer tag definitely makes sense. If you've got access to land in 8A then you're pretty much set. There are some good deer there, but access to them can be the problem. You get a nice one last year?
Well of course it was a nice one. It was my first! LOL! Actually it was only a doe, but she was a decent size and tasted great! We didn't have a scale, so I couldn't weigh her. I'd love to get a decent Buck to mount, but I'll take another doe if need be.

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