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Jun 22, 2001
Finally I found a place to post pics for free...

As some of you know, I called in a bear on the 10th of August and some have asked for pics.
There are 4 pictures so I hope they don't take too long to load.
I called this bear to within 30 yards in thick brush with a cow call. She weighed 150# gutted, but had about 2.5 inches of fat. I thought she was a young bear until I looked at her teeth (pic below). They are pretty worn down.

Some of us have also discussed hunting vehicles and game carts so I have posted a pic of my camp and my son who was with me when I shot the bear..

And the last pic was the same weekend...I went fishing in the Puget Sound and scored an eight pound chinook salmon...



Nice bear... where in washingotn did you shoot him? Are there still lots of bear in black forest area?

I hunt bear on the Olympic Peninsula, north of Aberdeen, south of Port Angeles.

I am not sure where the Black Forest is, but Washington state has alot of black bears. Reportedly second only to Alaska.
Thanx for sharin the great pics with us rw.Nice bear,awesome fish,and a handsome lad.I believe your bear was a senior citizen.LOL LOL
we always called it the black forest. Its over south west of olympia and black lake is in the area.... Trying to remeber the org name... Have you ever hunted over by eatonville, theres a bunch in there. another place i know of is behind kapowsin lake between there and wilkerson....gig harbor was pretty good also.....

The only thing i miss from washington is the salmon and steelhead fishing...I used to live in puyallup over on south hill, we were the first subdivsion up there in 77.. for 3 years we had elk deer and bear in our back yard...

Delw: I think you mean the Capitol Forest....
I haven't hunted it for over 20 years.
My son and I saw a bear there in July, but there are not enough there to get my juices flowin....

I am in the middle of moving 5 minutes away (Black Lake) and I will probably hunt deer there this year...
Attaboy - nice work!! I think you better quit chewin', that Cope' sh't though or start brushin' your teeth! ;)

If you shot the sow when you only saw a patch of black in through the bushes, how'd you know there were no cubs?
mtnboy- Good question...I didn't..but then again, I didn't know it was a sow either.

I had an pretty good idea that it was a single animal by the minimal noise we heard before and during my calling.

Here on the western side of Washington have alot of underbrush to contend with, and since they outlawed hounds & baiting we have to utilize what chance we get.
MNTBOY.. Always Keeping the Hunters Ethical ;)

HEY RiversWILD, Sorr y I've been in the Elk section lately
I saw a bear at 100 yards off the road last week. Could have Blasted it but wanted it with the bow, I'll post the story later :D COOL BEAR MAN !!!!!! I was Waiting for the PICS !!! Glad ya got them on here. Glad to see you with the Boy also, My wife says My boys have to be 12..... I see a big fight coming between us in the next couple of years :eek:


I have raised him since he was 4 months old, and he is almost 11. When he was three years old he was with us when his mother shot a deer. Since then he has been with me on two bear kills and two bear kills with his mother. If he does good in school he will go to his first elk camp this year.

He has not taken the hunter's education yet. Even though I took it at age 10, I feel he has a year or two to go yet.

Let your wife know that "When the boy is hunting/fishing as least you know where they are and who they are with".

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Congrats on the bear. That bear gotta nice coat on it. BTW, hows the elk scouting going
on the Quinault. Man, you gotta be losing
sleep thinking about that hunt. From being in there last year with my brother, and seeing the qaulity of the bulls in there,
your gonna have a great hunt. Be sure to take
lots of pics for us Quinault wanna bees.:D:D
Nice Bear,I sure love to see everyones picture's.
Thats so cool you take your son.
Ours also started out at a very early age,and still hunt's. He now takes his two kids out .The younges one (18mo.Boy ) just got to see his first Elk down.Both kids watched there dad field dress , skin& put it in the freezer. Right on ,cant wait to see YOUR sons first animal.
Thanks for the wonderful replies..

Spotted Owl - I have been losing sleep over this elk hunt...The problem is that I haven't been able to scout and will be very limited on hunting time. Maybe 5 days.

I am planning on scouting the last two weekends of the month. Things should really be heating up by then.

I wish I had more time so I could look for a really big one, but even with limited time I should be able to tag a good 5 or 6 pt.

Heck, maybe I'll take a dink bull or a cow by the side of the road and call it good...

Heck, I know your gonna do fine on that hunt. My brother shot his elk on day 4, and
passed on a 6pt on day 3. The monster bull
shot by one of the permitees was shot on
day 3. You know that area well. I'm sure you'll get a shot at a mature bull.I have
4 pts now and hope to draw that Quinault
permit in the next few years. Good luck with
your scouting. Bring home a monster for us
all to admire!!!! :D :D :D
I am going up Sat. to do some scouting, hopefully I will have some pics or vids of some whoppers..

Just found out that an old hunting partner of my father's was also drawn for the hunt. (this guy's brother was drawn the last time I was)..

It should be a fun trip.

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