Father's Day Folley or Howl of a good time

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Jun 9, 2003
Covington, PA
“Left without the cash but came home with the gold“, well those who do have my book should remember those stories. Last night was quite the same way. I was late getting to my cabin but because of the curved pipe that points to the ground that Gary installed on my four wheeler, it doesn’t matter now how late I sneek up there. Just taking the muffler and adding a pipe that points downwards cuts the sound down by a great deal.

Father’s Day, ughhh… wasn’t a good day. I was really missing him like crazy. A couple of times, I went to reach for the phone but reality would set in. My hunting shack over looks a valley which leads into the swamp and then up another pasture to his shack. It’s 523 yards between our shacks. I got up there about 4:30p.m. With tear filled eyes, I made myself settle in. I wasn’t going to turn back. The moon was going to be a show stopper.

After about an hour, I composed myself and wiped the tears away and took out the front and side window. All my birds greeted me with mid-air wing dances. They were all gliding clockwise and heading north. To my culture, that is a good sign. Their display of excitement was beyond words. None said a word to give me away. They were happy to see me. I have been feeding them groundhogs the past few days and they in turn gave me thanks.

The sunset at 9:15p.m. was phenomenal! Gorgeous colors painted so brilliantly on Creator’s canvas was more than anyone could ask for. The deer were out in full swing. I counted 11 total in my front field alone. I saw several bucks, but there was this one buck that entered the field with a three point, walking like he owned it. So naturally, I picked up my binoculars to see what he had. He is already an 8 point in velvet with huge bulbs at the end which means plenty more growing for him to do. His rack is already about 5 inches above the top of his ears. The antlers are unbelievably thick. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up a 10-12 pointer.

Darkness settled in as I awaited for Grandfather moon to make his appearance in the night sky. So until then, I smoked on my cigs and drank coffee and enjoyed hearing the owls hooting back and forth throughout the small patch of woods that surround the swamp. Freshly cut hay lay in rows awaiting the chopper the following morning. I could hear the coyotes barking all around me. I had left my calls at home so it was a night to relax and enjoy. If one came out on his own, so be it. But tonight was turning out to be nature’s symphony in high volume.

The coffee kept me stoked. About 5 minutes before midnight, I noticed some action at the end of my field 352 yards out. A healthy looking Momma bear came to find snacks in the hay rows, with soon to come pouncing behind were her three cubs. They played tackle on Momma and Momma would pounce down on the ground on her back while they would jump on her. They just kept coming closer to me unaware of my company. Finally about 25 yards away, I thought I’d better cough a little or something to get her attention. There is nothing worse than being around a bear with cubs.

She heard that and stood up on two legs. She must be pushing close to 300. Pure black, she’s a beauty. She got the message and headed down over the field to the left of me with her cubs in close pursuit. I was so busy watching her and the cubs in my binoculars, I was unaware of someone right outside of my window, five feet watching also.

I no sooner turned around, the chair made a low noise and straightened myself out forward, when we met eyes. I jumped, he jumped. He took off running, I reached for the gun and fired off one shot. He’s a nice size boy around 45lb, I’d say. He has a thick body and is in his summer hair. Well, needless to say, the coyote dashed out of sight and made his usual one bark alert. And I just sat back in the chair and laughed. I wish there was a video camera filming this when the coyote hunter and the coyote met under a full moon one summer’s night in the darkness. I saw his expression and it was a hoot. I bet mine was the same way!

Now, like I’ve always said: “For each one I get, I learn. For each one I miss, they learn.” Last night, I was the student.


Crow Woman
That was great,Sheri.Makes me look forward to the book even more.
Thanks Seldom, I wish you could have been there! I'm still laughing. What a great night
I finally decided it was time to go home when 3 a.m. rolled around

Crow Woman
Crow Chick,
Your words are like the stream, always comforting and soul clensing, Steady is the path and life giving. Thanks for shairing.

Glad you enjoyed Nut as I enjoyed experiencing it

Dic, how could I not share with my friends

The things I've seen while being out there at night can be so unbelievable to so many. One night a few years back, I went to the shack without my guns. In the field in to my right was one of my Tommies, barn cat. Two coyotes thought they were going to have a meal with him. He did some kind of dance, made a sound that was worse than a bobcat, arched his back, took a firm stand and scared off the two coyotes to the lower field. 15 minutes later those same two coyotes were back up on the side field chasing the heck out of a nice buck... go figure

Crow Woman
Didn't make it out hunting tonight, maybe I will head out in the morning. I haven't had an early morning outing in awhile. I'll keep em coming Sly

Crow Woman
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