Encouraging Hunting in Millennials


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Jan 20, 2013
Bozeman, MT
Millennials Must Hunt the Vimeo Video Wild Harvest
The hunt itself changed my life forever, and the complex cocktail of emotions it triggered have totally altered how I think about food. The experience of eating game meat you have hunted is not even in the same galaxy as anything you have ever bought from a store. To some extent we are all killers, either having the killing done for us on concrete floors or to stop animals from eating our vegetables before they reach stores. The further we put ourselves from the source of that act, the worse the impact for everyone and everything in the chain...

As a generation, our entire generation faces a choice: either continue the disastrous environmental, and economic food policies of the Boomers or make new choices regarding how and what we eat.

It's time for us to start hunting.

I know y'all are hunters, but there are a hell of a lot of people out there disconnected from hunting. I was reading the article, watching the video, as a hunter, noticing that he is being guided by an outfitter. He probably didnt have family that hunted to train him in that guiding, learning experience. Looking at his bio, he may not have even been raised in an area that there was hunting or a hunting culture available. But I also read and watched, remembering what it was like when I wasnt a hunter, when I grew up in a big city, how would a film like this impact me or the words he wrote? This definitely would have resonated with me.

Food for thought.