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Jan 13, 2002
Salmon, ID
I'm just wondering what all of you do with your your ivories. My dad has his in a little plastic box thing. I keep the ones from my bull in my pocket trying to get the little bit of gums off of them. I also keep them in my change so when people ask what they are I tell them that they are my wisdom teeth. So what do the rest of you do?? I've seen the jewelry they do with them and I think it looks pretty cool but it's a little too expensive for me.
I took the ivories out of mine and they are sitting in my room. My uncle has one from a bull he shot in a cool ring being held in by a golden elk antler. Kinda cool if you ask me. I'll probably just have mine sitting around for awhile, who knows, but I may fancy something to be made out of them some day. If I get some with some good swirrels in them I may be more inclined to do something with them.
Elk boy, I have a ring made from one of mine, LB has a ring made from my first elk. We had a ring made for our daughter with the other tooth from my first elk. Lb has a pair of earings, not from one of my elk, but that she bought at a yard sale for $2. They also make good pendants, go nice on a watch band or on belt buckles. Boil them down and then you can cut and scrape the gum tissue off. To darken them up a little you can soak them in chewing tobacco with a little water.
I don't know if I want to try that, with my luck I would screw them up then I would be bummed for the rest of my life. My dad kept his in his pocket for about a year and there is not a single piece of gum on either so I guess I will just keep them in my pocket. Maybe when my friend shoots a cow this year I can tell him to try it and if it works I'll do it. If it doesn't that sucks that his ivories are screwed up!! :D :D
I don't think my dentist deserves to touch my elk teeth. He makes my jaw hurt when he takes X-rays of my teeth that jerk!! :D :D

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Okay LB, since I have a second opinion I'll try it. It doesn't change the color of the teeth will it?? Also, how long should I boil them?? Then do I just scrape the gum off with a pocket knife or could I just use my fingernail?? Thanks!!
Elk boy,
Just boil till it all comes off or almost all off and then scrape off easy with your pocket knive, trust me it works

Or you could eat it off as it is all ready cooked from boiling ;)
If I could get Elkhunter to give me back my digital camera, I'll take some picture's of jewels I have made with the Ivories.

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LB, how will I know when it is almost all off?? Do I just stick my hand in the water and grab the teeth to see?? :D :D Will it just start to fall off or will I have to remove it myself?? Thanks.
It's done when you stick your hand in the boiling water and the skin falls off your fingers.... :rolleyes:

If you boil it for anything longer than about 10 or 15 minutes, it should work. Some may fall off and some may have to peeled off.
You really don't need to boil them; I just soak mine in distilled water for several days (I feel it's safer for the ivories not to boil them). Then I scrape off any remaining tissue with a plastic knife and my fingernails ...

Just put them in your mouth and suck the "gum" off from them...It is perfectly safe...Just don't swallow them, It will take a day or two to get them back..But if you accidently do, the "gum" should be off when they hit the other end, If not, you can finish sucking off the rest..LMAO!!! :D :D :D
Greg, the stuff won't hurt you..Don't be a baby, you could even do this at school as a show and tell..I don't think you will get any of the girls kissing you though if they see you pulling these teeth out of your mouth and chewing the excess off...LOL...It may be kinda funny though to cough hard and pull one of these out of your mouth..LOL.. :D
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