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Elk hunters had more success in 2000 than they did in ’99


New member
Dec 20, 2000
Jackson, Wyoming
Elk hunters had more success in 2000 than they did in ’99, according to the latest report from the Wyoming Game and Fish department. Forty four percent of elk hunters in the state bagged an animal last year, compared to only 36 percent in the previous year. Hunters also made their kills more quickly in 2000, spending an average of 17 days, compared to 21 days in 1999. Hunters killed almost 24 thousand elk in the state last season. Hunters in Wyoming fared far better than their counterparts in neighboring states. Montana hunters were only 20 percent successful, while those in Utah saw a 27 percent success rate. About 31 percent of Idaho hunters were successful, and only 24 percent in Colorado. Wyoming’s deer hunters had 63 percent success, antelope hunters bagged their game 98 percent of the time, and 89 percent of moose hunters were successful.