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Mike B

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Aug 13, 2003
vancouver island B.C.
Hi boys, new guy here who needs some help. My brother and I (he lives in Alberta) are going elk hunting in sep. This will be our first elk trip. I was hoping someone could give us some advice on the best calls to try. Neither of us have used any elk calls before so something easy to use but still effective might be the best.Oh yea, we will be using our bows. Thanks for the help. Mike.
Calling us "boys" ? How big are the "MEN" where you come from

Seriously though, Welcome aboard 'Mate !!! Here's my .02 . I use the Primos Terminator Syystem, I've found that to just be down right easy to use. That being said, I don't call much with it. I use the Cow Elk Call (Also a Primos). I can't think of the Name right now but it's a Black one with a reed at one end with a Black Rubber piece ya bite down on and Blow through. I'll look up the name later unless someone can Bail me out (PELASE

Were are ya heading for your hunt ?
And if ya get the kit moosie is talking about, it comes with a video that is jst about idiot proof ........even a good ole boy from alabama can follow along

How hard could it be

Show us your photos of dead critters!
Heading to my kid brothers neck of the woods, the area around rocky mountain house Alberta. Had great luck there last year deer hunting.We each got our white tail buck and had them loaded in the truck by 10am. Mine grossed 161 green and the kid brothers was in the low 140's. It was a great day in the woods!
I used to use the Hyper Hot by WoodsWise and the Primos Hot Cow. They are both easy to learn and use. Anymore, I seldom use them.
Hi Mike,,First off,Welcome to the site,,second off,,The folks around here stopped calling me a boy, when I started wiping my butt with Devils Club

Ok,,that was not nice

For my money its the Berry Game Calls..They are in Medical Lake, Washington...You can check out their stuff at www.berrygamecalls.com

My daughter and I meet them at the outdooe show down here, and both Glen and Chad took time to make sure that we knew how to use the calls( the Sleazy Cow Call, and the Thunder Bugle)...

We used the sleazy cow call in Idaho last year and stopped a bull at about 25 feet,,but couldn't get a shot at him because of the brush..We did kill a nice cow using it though,,out of the same hurd..

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