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ELK after the Bugle Season


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Nov 21, 2001
Why do you never see any videos of elk hunting during late seasons? I realize the opportunity to get elk on video is better during the rut.

But what about all the elk taken after the rut, that you don't get to see or hear about?

All the gimicks they sell for elk hunting is geared for the rut.

What does a do-it yourself elk hunter do to find or get on the elk?

Is late season elk hunting all spot and stalk, glass from a mountain top, finding food sources, finging travel routes, and/or does water come into play during the late seasons???
Flipper, I can't answer for anyone else, but Glen and I have had our best luck finding the bulls before the rut and then looking in the same general areas afterwards. Once the velvet is gone from the antlers, the bulls will bunch up into bachelor groups. Those bachelor groups will congregate in the areas best suited for their needs. These are the areas that the biggest bulls will return to and dominate after the rut. Areas with substantial food, water, shelter. The younger bulls will stick with the cows and wait for the second estrus. If you find the bulls before the rut, go back to the same areas afterward and you should find the big guys.

Works for us...

Flipper mainly because its easier for most people to hunt a rutting bull... and they can film bulls coming in to a call... Lots of excitement....

Coyote squeelers will call elk in dec. - jan and some parts of feb... At least they did for my daughter and I.....

Coyote squeelers??? Calling in elk??? Huh??? Do the bulls come in looking for a free meal??? What about a bear call, will that also work?? Coyote squeelers, ha ha ha ahahahahahahahaahhhahahha. I am definetly going to try that one this year. Do you get coyotes to come in to your elk bugle also?? What can you call in with a deer grunt?? Rabbits??

Flipper, try moving thru the woods really, really slow during the non rut period.You planning on drawing that elusive TN elk tag this year?? I hope you get one. Good luck.

Coyote squeeler!!! haahahhahhahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahaahahahahaahahaahahhaah.
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Flipper, try moving thru the woods really, really slow during the non rut period.You planning on drawing that elusive TN elk tag this year??<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I'd say at those elevations, movin slow will not be a problem, 4skin

And no, we can't hunt our elk yet, only have about 140 animals so far :D

Also Delw and I are going to Colorado to elk hunt, during the general rifle season.

HAHAHA....I guess I need to be down range of Del when he breaks out the SQUEALER, I should have a great chance of seeing some elk, once Del starts huffing and puffing on it. ;)

<FONT COLOR="#800080" SIZE="1">[ 07-31-2002 18:11: Message edited by: FLIPPER ]</font>

I think when you say a squeeler you mean a howler???

As in howling in coyotes(works good).

Maybe the elk think you sound like a spike bull instead of a coyote!?!? hhaahhahaah

And for the unbelievers. You can howl like a coyote and call them in.(coyotes I mean)

You can use a howler or your own voice.

Did it a few years back in elk camp with my voice. Had the whole valley howling. Everyone said bullshit until I did it.
No this is the squeeler one.... A few years ago my daughter and I were hunting for bear in a canyon ... We were sitting and glassing when the elk started bugling(this was during the rut) my daughter said she could make that same noise and ran to the trcuk to get a call.... She comes back and calls in lots of bulls some small some extreamly large....

So one dec or jan.. we were sitting in the same canyon trying to call in some bobcats and yotes... she see's bunch of elk on the other side and asked for the call.... she made it shreik and within 15 mins we had the whole heard plus a few other bulls and cows that we didnt know about.... since we were very well camo'd they got to within 10 feet of us... Its was a riot....

Ive called in deer with the same call and we have over 30 of them coming to the call on video tape.... We thought for sure it was a bear and was ready for it... when they came out of the bushes we were in Shock....

Ive used the howler for coyotes but mainly in the open area's where I sit on top of a hill with my 40xb in .300 winmag for those long long shots....

Well that makes sense too.

I've called in beau coup antelope and deer calling coyotes with a distress call(sqealer).

Make sense elk would be curious too.
Del, Make sure you note on the DelMart page, "Daughter not included".

One other note, "Not for sale or use in Montana."

The squearer won't work in Montana becase the sheep come in before the elk do. Then the guy is to busy ;) to notice all of the elk.
You guys should market the SQUEALER as an elk and deer call. I know an elk and a deer like a free coyote meal, just like the rest of them carnivores. Do they come in , because they are canibals or do they come in to protect the dieing animal?? Or maybe you guys should lay off of the THC a little. I am in prime elk country and am going to try this out. If I get some yotes, then fine, but ,maybe you guys should stop mating your elk with coyotes and you may stand a better chance of getting one, next year.
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