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Dec 21, 2000
Billings, MT, USA
Did anyone catch the one this week where Mike is hunting in the Bridger Teton Wilderness with Wolverine Cr outfitters. DAMN...Now for all you guys that are looking for a guided hunt, call this some beeatch up right now. That was a sweet hunt. Its also in the new journal. Guy had 7 hunters in for I think 10 days....BOOM...7 320+ bulls with the biggest going 368. September rut hunt with rifle.

I'm not going on any guided hunts unless they are in Alaska or Canada, but if I was, I'd go there.
I caught it last night. That is fugging crazy!! Like you said if I were to be going on a guided hunt he would be the one to go with. Part 2 is next week, so I know what I'll be doing next Thursday!! How about that raghorn the called in?? He didn't know what Mike and the guide were!!
Yeah, that was cool. Then that big 320ish bull that they just played with to see what he would do. IF Wyo didn't have that bull shit wilderness guide law I'd be putting in for that chit!
You dont have to wait till Thursday, the second part is on tonight at 7:30 PM Mountain Time. Then, tommorrow morn at 7:30 AM.

Yeah, cool hunts for sure.
yep saw that one. Man I'd love to hunt there.. Do you guys think old mike eastman is pissed that some dude shot a 368 bull and he only got a 320-330?
Heres a pic from their website of that hunt

That is a pile of great looking heads..Thans for the pic and congrats on your hunt..Or did you get to go on this one.... :D :D :D
I am interested in this hunt. I talked to a guy here in town that went the week after Eastmans and he didn't fill his tag. Warren told me the week Mike was in was a great hunt. I can not get a spot held for me though and may not be able to go here. You have to put in for a tag before you can even book the hunt. I am concerned about having a tag and not having a spot to hunt.
What are your thoughts on other local guides? I would think many of these hunts would be similar, as long as you had a good outfitter who was around a long time.
Thanks for any good ideas.

Couple of nice looking heads in there... Looks like everyone had a good time anyway..

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