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Jul 26, 2013
Southern Minnesota
I am in need of a new E collar for my German Shorthair. Right now I have a Sportdog. I dont recall the model number. The one I have has been discontinued. Ive had for 5 1/2 years with almost daily use. He loves his collar. He can be in a dead sleep on a different floor and when he hears that thing turn on, he is right there on his hind legs waiting for it to be placed around his neck. To him, the collar means fun time ahead. Mostly his daily dog park run. It think this collar is at the end of its useful life. I rarely ever need to use the "nick" on him and usually only the tone with him. But the distance that the collar works keeps getting less and less. Its down to a couple of hundred feet at most. It was a half mile range at one time.

I have been looking at the Garmin Delta Upland. Anybody have any experience with the Garmin collars? I think Garmin Collars were previously named Tri Tronics. Are there any other recommendations?

Which ever collar I choose it will have these two features:

Multiple dog capability. Eventually may have to add a dog as my GSP gets close to retirement. I hope that is many years down the road. Also, I thought about having a collar for everyday use and a collar for hunting, which brings me to my next feature.

I want a locator beeper on the next collar. Some of the areas I hunt here in MN and Iowa are some pretty tall stuff. Sometimes I cant see him, and a few minutes later when I do find him hes on point and the bird took off running. I thought about buying an add on, but I knew I would be replacing this collar at some point and held off. Then come pheasant season and I wished I had it.

Although those Garmin collars with the GPS tracking would be nice, Im not interested in spending $600 on a collar. It would be a different story if I was chasing bears or cats with dogs, but not pheasants.

I suppose like any training tool, it the locator beeper would need to be introduced. Anyone experience problems after adding a new piece of equipment to a dog. I know dogs are creatures of habit, so I dont want to ruin him or confuse him. Any suggestions on introducing this locator beeper to the dog?

Thanks in advance.

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I hav the Garmin Astro and absolutely love it. I hear you on the price, but I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a "on point" alert and found my dog locked up. My wirehair isn't all that big, and the GPS function is really nice for keeping track of him.

The overall Garmin quality seems to be good, I've had the unit for two seasons.

Edit: The extra price has been well worth it to not have to listen to a beeper. YMMV.

Big Billy

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Feb 4, 2015
I have the Dogtra 2000 T and B after 8 years the batteries are going out and I broke the antenna this year, I looked at the new model the 2500 T and B for $350.00 at Cabelas and will pull the trigger soon. I had a tri-tronics before and have really liked the Dogtra.It is a great collar IMHO.


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Feb 13, 2015
I've got a basic dogtra.I cannot recall the model. It has vibrate, nick, and constant. 9 years now and no issues.

A buddy of mine had a tri-tronics and he had continuous problems with it. This was roughly 9 years ago as he bought it the same time i bought my dogtra.

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